Decorate Your Candles: 4 Original Ideas

If you're a fan of using candles at home and want to make them look wonderfully unique, we'll show you some creative ideas to try in your home in our post today.
Decorate Your Candles: 4 Original Ideas

Last update: 01 December, 2018

Candlelight is a key part of creating a little ambiance. You can find all sorts of candles in many shapes, sizes, and colors. There are also candles with or without fragrance and decorated options or more natural ones. In today’s post, we’ll show you some original ideas for decorating your candles and making every inch of your home a special space.

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The warmth that candles provide is welcoming. Bigger candles, unlike their smaller counterparts, are taller, thicker, thus have a bigger wick as well. That translates into beautiful lighting for your rooms. You can decorate your candles in different ways by using items that you already have at home.

You’ll need a simple, large candle that you can personalize with these wonderful ideas below. With a personal touch, you could transform your candle into a beautiful, eye-catching decor piece for your home. Let’s get started!

How to decorate your candles

1. Tie on string and ribbons

An easy but lovely craft idea is just adding some string, decorated or plain, to your candle. You can make the most of your candles and decorate them during festive seasons to give them some holiday cheer. For example, red and green are everywhere. So, using lovely red and green raffia or organza would be a terrific idea.

Candles string and ribbon

This craft is simple: just tie however much string you want to use around your candles and, if you like, make little knots. You don’t need to glue on the string, just do it if you want to.  Partially or completely cover the entire candle with your material and you’ll love how beautiful it looks at the end.

2. Decorate your candles with glass jars

This is a popular idea because it can make a lovely adornment for different areas for the home. Pick out a pretty glass jar and fill it with decorative elements. Here are some ideas that you can use in your jar:

  • Coffee beans
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Aromatic salts
  • Small stones
  • Small seashells

You can put whatever you like in your jar and decorate both the jar and your candle so that the colors match. If you opt for seashells, you could decorate both your candle and the outside of the jar with ribbons and other decor accessories that will remind you of the sea. When you’re finished, your glass jar will also be a beautiful candle-holder.

3. Decorate your candles with cinnamon sticks

Another beautiful craft idea is decorating the outside part of your candles with cinnamon sticks, creating an aromatic candle. Measure out your cinnamon sticks to match the candle’s height. Then, using a small paintbrush, apply a thin layer of glue. Lastly, stick on the cinnamon sticks vertically, completely covering the candle.

This would look great on those white, fragrance-free candles that you have sitting around in a drawer somewhere at home. In addition to decorating your candle, as soon as you light it, your home will smell like cinnamon. You can do the same thing with a different aromatic element that you’re fond of. A great variation of this craft is using coffee beans.

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4. Decorate your candles with glitter

Using glitter on the outside part of your candles will make them even more fabulous. Choose whichever color that you like and cover the entire surface of your candle with glue. Then, pour the glitter onto a sheet of paper or a big plate. When your candle is completely coated in glue, just roll your candle in the glitter. Your candle will be sparkling in no time.

This craft is super simple and economical. Let your candle dry and add some ribbons or bows, matching the color of the glitter.

As you’ve read today, decorating your candles is simple and you can do it with economical accessories or things that you already have laying around at home. You can create beautiful decor with your candles and use them as a centerpiece, in lonely corners or for festive events.

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