Fireplace Decor: Modern Accessories

Are you looking for something original for your fireplace but just don't know what? In our post today, we'll show you some modern accessories and ideas for your fireplace.
Fireplace Decor: Modern Accessories

Last update: 26 November, 2018

Fireplaces are common features that we can find in many living rooms or even bedrooms. Decorating them can be a bit difficult because fire safety is always an issue. So, you should carefully select the decor that you want to use on top of or around your fireplace. In other words, you need to choose nonflammable items.

In today’s post, we’ll introduce you to some modern accessories for fireplace decor. We’ll also show you how to mix and match those accessories, colors, and textures. And we’ll explain how you can make the most out of your fireplace when you’re not using it.

Fireplace decor

This is how you can decorate your fireplace by using items for the shelves, base, and interior. All of the decor pieces that you use for your fireplace will add more charm to your rooms.

Modern fireplace decor

Modern accessories

The items that you use for your fireplace are going to play a very important role. So below, we’ll show you some modern, indispensable containers that you can use to store your firewood.

Firewood holders

There are a variety of modern accessories for storing firewood. They need to be sturdy, modern and beautiful. Aside from that, they need to do their main job and decorate your room at the same time.

Transparent glass holder

This structure is a rectangular prism. It’s made of a strong, transparent glass and is a sort of vertical drawer. The structure allows you to store your firewood by stacking it. It’ll add a delicate design and a modern feel to your room.

Firewood hamper

This steel, cylindrical container will give something extra to your room. You can use it to store the firewood that you’ve brought in to keep the fire going. There are all kinds of steel, cylindrical hampers available, including ones of different sizes and colors. Choosing a matte black hamper would be a great idea for decorating a modern fireplace.

Decorating your shelves

Aside from the modern and functional pieces that you’ll need for your fireplace, decorating its mantel is also key. Below, we’ll show you some modern, original ideas to decorate with success.

1. Use mirrors and jars

Modern fireplace mantel

You could also use a beautiful mirror on the wall, above your fireplace. Rectangular, square, circular or whatever shape mirror that suits your modern room best are all options. Add some jars that are all different sizes, shapes, and heights with some flowers. Your fireplace mantel will really be a showstopper.

2. Romantic lighting

Another lovely option is using candles and candleholders on your mantel. You can try using a range of white shades, different heights, and sizes to decorate the ends of your mantel. Another idea is placing a big candleholder in the center. Candles could light up your room and make your fireplace a cozy, warm centerpiece.

3. Paintings and jars

Paintings and jars are some of the most popular ideas for mantel decor. You can try placing a big painting, with interesting colors, in the center of your mantel. Then, on the ends of your mantel, place some jars that have matching tones to create a set.

4. Decorate the surrounding area

There are also other ways to decorate the area that around your fireplace. You can decorate the base of your fireplace by creating a cozy nook by the fire. Place a big pillow on the floor along with a fluffy rug and throw.

With your nook, you’ll be able to enjoy the fire’s warmth comfortably. Remember to keep your items at a safe distance from the fireplace because they could catch fire.

Decorating a fireplace that you don’t use

Modern fireplace no use

During certain months of the year, we don’t use our fireplaces. So, we’ll show you how to decorate it off-season.

A great idea is using a big mirror that covers the fireplace completely. With a mirror, you’ll be able to keep the area covered when you’re not using it and you can simply remove it when the weather gets colder. Additionally, using a mirror will give your home a modern, original feel.

There are other ways to decorate a fireplace that you’re not using. You could also use some jars and candleholders that contain candles. Or, you could also try paintings or other decorative pieces that you like.

In our post today, we’ve shown you a variety of ways to decorate your fireplace to make it original and modern. We hope you enjoy these ideas.

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