The Keys to Moody Decor

Moody decor is elegant and sophisticated but always up to date and modern. Do you dare to find out more?
The Keys to Moody Decor

Last update: 28 October, 2018

Moody decor has become even more common and increasingly used in homes, offices, and even hotels. We know that moody decor brings elegance, sophistication, and a lot of character to its surroundings. It’s an aptly named decor style.

This decor is focused on furniture of dark wood and environments that are able to change. It has contrasting walls and puts comfort at the forefront. We’ll tell you the main secrets of a moody style in the following article. 

What are the keys to moody decor?

Moody decor is becoming more and more fashionable in England and other European countries. While this style may seem “serious” and too professional at first, we think you’ll begin to realize that it’s actually very cozy. It has its own personality and above all is very comfortable. Some questions you should think about before choosing this style are: 

1. Lighting

It’s essential for us to allow natural light to enter our homes. With moody decor however, this light filters through blinds or curtains to create decorative shadows. If we start thinking about artificial lighting, a good idea is to use lamps with dim bulbs or bulbs that we can regulate. When it comes to this kind of decor, candlesticks, candles, and glass flasks transformed into lamps are the perfect fit.

moody decor lighting

2. Touch and smell

We often don’t pay enough attention to these senses when we think about decorating our home environment. When we’re thinking about moody decor these things are fundamental! The idea is to use objects with different textures such as leather, wood, and woven skins. There should be plenty of candles, nuts from the forest, or even the smell of freshly baked desserts.

scent diffuser

Music is paramount for moody decor. Therefore, we recommend that you install a sound system to play jazz or Frank Sinatra that you can listen to while you read the newspaper or a book. Relax while enjoying a cup of coffee or a good wine.

3. The now

One of the premises of moody style is to be aware of the current moment and enjoy it to its fullest. There’s a reason that so many people in Nordic countries choose this type of interior. These people experience the feeling of ‘having a great time’ even though they may be locked in their house because of a snow storm.

moody living room

A moody room or dining room has everything you need to share unforgettable moments with your family. Think about a spacious and cozy sofa, a sturdy table, a library full of classic books, and carpets on the floor. Also think about a table where you can place a tray with coffee and homemade cookies.

4. Yesterday

Of course we shouldn’t leave behind the stories of the past and memories from long ago. These are vintage objects – our black and white photographs, paintings, and elements worn by the passage of time. All of this combines to set a beautiful tone for your home.

moody colors

6. Color

What do we use to make a space feel cozy? A nice color. Therefore, choosing tones in moody decor shouldn’t be left to chance. If you’re sharing your home with different people, you should ask them what they think about different color choices. Not everyone has the same perceptions. The goal is to get a feeling of warmth at any time of the day.

moody colors

One of the most used colors in the moody style is blue, which promotes relaxation and rest while also reducing stress. People also commonly use green because it promotes growth, harmony, and good humor. Brown is also very common as it relates to the earth, chocolate, and coffee. You should also think about gray to create a moody atmosphere as it’s the perfect tone for quiet, neutral, and beautiful environments.

7. Furniture

moody sofa

As for your furniture, when it comes to moody decor, tables, chairs, sofas, and wooden shelves are common. They’re especially perfect if they’re dark. Moody decor also incorporates a lot of carpets and thick curtains as well as fabrics with lush textures and floor lamps.

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