How to Create Your Own Chill-Out Space

Read our tips and make your own relax area at home.
How to Create Your Own Chill-Out Space

Last update: 05 October, 2018

A chill-out space is a place to relax and find some peace after a long day at work. Plopping yourself down in a space where much-needed tranquility envelopes you after those long hours is a true joy. Want to create a chill-out area in your very own home? Keep reading and we’ll explain the simple and economical ways to start.

Making your own chill-out area is simple. All you need to do is find an appropriate area in your home and decorate it to perfection. Get to work today and you’ll be reading, enjoying a cup of tea, or enjoying the space with your friends and family in no time.

Sofas and comfy chairs: make a chill-out zone

The most important thing for a chill-out space is comfort. If your furniture isn’t comfortable, you’ll have a hard time relaxing and resting. Thus, first and foremost, the furniture that you choose must be comfortable. We’re not saying that you have to give up the aesthetics; selecting furniture that boast both comfort and design isn’t impossible.

Chill out comfortable furniture

Sofas will be the main players in your chill-out area.

For this space of peace and tranquility, you’ll need sofas, armchairs and a table set with chairs in case you want to include a dining area. Look for both wider sofas and armchairs that’ll permit you to really kick back and relax.

Decorative pillows make for the perfect addition to sofas. Choose them in different shapes, styles and materials to create original combinations while making your space all the more comfortable.

Why not create your own sofas with pallets?

You can try making your own sofas by connecting several pallets together. It’s a popular material that we can use with little complications. Measure out your patio’s dimensions and layout the pallets as a sofa. After, buy some cushions, or make them yourself by looking for fabrics that you’d like to use.

Intimate lighting

Chill out lighting

A chill-out zone has to be a space for relaxing and creating an intimate atmosphere. For this reason, you should avoid using lighting that’s too intense. We recommend combining different kinds of lights for an original, relaxing and romantic result. Some ways to lighten up your chill-out zone are:

  • Candles. Use different sorts of holders for your candles such as fish-tanks, glass jars or bottles. You can try filling them with some sand or colorful rocks. They’ll provide a lovely glow for your more special moments.
  • Decorative string lights. Buy a pack, or several, of string lights and hang them along the ceiling or use them to cover a column. They’re a unique and fun way to brighten your chill-out space.

Pergolas or curtains

Investing in something that could protect your chill-out space from the wear of time could help you enjoy it for longer. In addition, it’ll help create even more of an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. If you want to create your chill-out area on the deck or patio, leaving you exposed to your neighbors, you’ll need something to provide more privacy.

Chill out privacy

We recommend these ideas for an enclosed space. Both of them work wonderfully and it’s up to you and how you want your chill-out zone to be:

  • Pergolas. Pergolas are perfect for hot or rainy days. They protect spaces from the wear of time and allow us to enjoy our chill-out area for longer. You can even use them to hang string lights or a vine.
  • Curtains. There aren’t many things that can be more relaxing and hypnotic than curtains moving with the breeze. Curtains can be a great addition to a pergola. Look for a fabric that matches with your space and sew on a strap so you can open and close the curtains with ease.

Decorative pieces

Decoration has a huge role to play in your chill-out space. You need to pay special attention to detail and using decorative pieces is just the way to do that. We like using the following:

  • A big rug that covers most of the floor. Using a rug will allow you to enjoy the freedom of being barefoot in addition to adding warmth to the atmosphere.
  • Plants. Plants give us a taste of nature in our relax room.

Remember – chill and relax – you deserve it.

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