Woven Synthetic Fiber Tables for a Casual Deck Setting

Discover all of the characteristics and benefits of woven synthetic fiber furniture. You should definitely read this post if you're planning to decorate or redesign your deck.
Woven Synthetic Fiber Tables for a Casual Deck Setting

Last update: 13 December, 2022

Woven synthetic fiber tables are great for the outdoors because they create casual settings with maximum comfort. The best thing is that they’re very resistant to adverse weather conditions thanks to their high-density polyethylene, making their maintenance easy.

The synthetic fibers imitate wicker and are made from bamboo, abaca, reed, papyrus and other materials. The woven tables resemble handwoven artisan baskets. However, they’re much stronger.

But just because they have an artisan feel that works seamlessly with Bohemian decor doesn’t mean that they won’t work for other styles. Nor does it mean that they can’t transmit sophistication and modernity.

One of the best places to use these pieces is a deck. But we’re not saying that you can’t use them for interiors. The key lies in knowing how to match them with their surroundings. So today, we have some tips to help you make the most of them.

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Woven tables: colors, shapes, and styles

Synthetic fiber tables usually come in shades of brown, both light and dark, to create a more natural look. The most common shades are honey, mocha, coffee, and beige.

However, you can also find tables in different colors as well such as olive green, white, gray, black or others.

As for the shapes, synthetic fiber patio tables come in all shapes and sizes. However, people looking to save space often turn to circular or oval shapes, especially if it’s a model that has a single pillar as a base instead of legs.

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Trapezoid tables are shaped just like their name suggests. They are very stable and convenient if you’re planning to place a decorative object on top.

Another great deck option is stout woven tables, which tend to be smaller, lower and circular or oval shaped. They really add some dynamism to their setting.


Just woven fiber?

Woven synthetic fiber tables, like their natural fiber counterparts, can use a tempered glass tabletop, board or recycled wood as well in all kinds of finished. The first option, of course, will need to be cleaned more frequently as dust accumulation is more obvious.

How can you create a great setting with a woven synthetic fiber table?

When it comes to decorating decks, there are two main trends: using the least amount of elements possible to create more space or using various elements to make a rich, cozy ambiance. It really depends on your deck’s characteristics.

For a small deck that has a few elements, place the table in an area where it can steal the show. But be careful: your table shouldn’t get in the way or block movement.

If you have a big deck, we recommend setting up your table around other elements (maybe a rug, some potted plants, etc) that mark out an area and help draw eyes to the table.

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Final considerations for woven tables and furniture

To make your table or any other furniture look even more comfortabletry adding soft natural fiber accessories that also invite onlookers to come and rest. Pillows and blankets are great options.

To keep your accessories in good condition, keep them stored away when you’re not using them. A small chest in the corner of your deck or other more versatile options, such as furniture with hidden storage compartments, could come in handy.

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