Romantic Decor: Fresh Ideas

If you're a fan of romantic decor and want to fill your home with it, here are some idea's that you'll love.
Romantic Decor: Fresh Ideas

Last update: 19 July, 2019

If you want to add something special to your home decor and love romantic items, we want to show you some creative ideas. Romantic decor can work for any room and your home exteriors as well.

You can use these ideas both for your everyday decor and for special events with your partner. Romantic decor is very popular for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. And remember not to limit it to just the bedroom. To help you think out-of-the-box, we’ll show you what kind of decor pieces you can make and where to place them.

Romantic decor is often full of flowers, hearts, bows and other motifs in colors like white, red and purple. You can create your own creative decor elements, read more below!

Heart streamers

Streamers are decor elements that work anywhereYou can use them to celebrate a special event or simply as home decor. They only require a few, economical materials. You can make your romantic streamers with fabric or paper in any color you want. Materials you’ll need:

  • String (your preference)
  • Colorful paper or pieces of cloth
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Hole-puncher
romantic decor heart streamer

As you read above, you only need a handful of economical materials to make these heart streamersDraw out different-sized hearts on your paper or fabric. Now, cut them out and punch a hole at the top. Then, feed a thin string through the holes. Lastly, tie them onto a strong string or cord. Now, you’re done and have a beautiful romantic streamer.

Hang it in your home entrance, over your bedroom door, from the ceiling or on your walls. Pick out your favorite spot for it and fill the space with floating hearts. Another lovely idea is pairing your heart streamers with Christmas lights. They’ll light up your nights and create a more intimate space.

Romantic pictures

You can also decorate your rooms with romantic original pictures. Here are two ideas you can try.

Nail and thread heart

Start with a square or rectangular medium-sized wooden board. For the heart, you’ll need lots of small nails and strong thread. Draw out a big heart onto your board with a pencil first. Next, hammer the nails– but not all the way– into the heart. Now, take the thread and weave it around all the nails in no particular order.

Try using different color threads like red, pink and white. As you fill in the space of the heart, you’ll create a beautiful mix. When you’re done, hang it on your bedroom or living room wall.

Picture with photos and lights

Take a wooden board (the bigger the better) and paint it with chalk paint. Next, line the border with small Christmas lights. You can add small photos to the Christmas lights if you want. It’ll be a beautiful, romantically-lit chalkboard for phrases and quotes.

Romantic candleholder

A wonderful idea for romantic decor is restoring an old candleholder or using one that you already have. Paint it white and fill it with flowers of different species and colors. You can adorn shelves with your candle holder or even hang it. Flowers are an extremely romantic natural decor and they create comfortable beautiful spaces.

romantic decor ideas flowers

Decorate your bathtub with petals and candles

If you’re planning a romantic night with your special someone, a bubble bath can be a great idea. Decorate your bathtub with rose petals. Another great idea is filling several glass jars with rose petals of different colors. Add some big white candles to tie your romantic decor together.

flower petal romantic decor

You can create plenty of original decor items on a budget. And filling your rooms with romantic decor will look beautiful. Your romantic features will fill every corner of your home with intimacy. Enjoy it for yourself or with your partner, every day or for a special day.

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