Instagrammable Bedrooms - How to Get the Look

In this article, we've put together a selection of some of the most instagrammable bedrooms on the internet. It's never been so easy to get inspired.
Instagrammable Bedrooms - How to Get the Look

Last update: 06 September, 2020

We’ve trawled the depths of Instagram to bring you some inspirational bedroom decor from our favorite interior design accounts. Their innovative ideas, unique aesthetics, and attention to detail have made these some of the most instagrammable bedrooms around.

Instagrammable bedrooms – the devil’s in the details

Instagrammable bedrooms.

Marta is in charge of @mumandhome_, an Instagram account where she documents her life as a mother to two small children and shows off the beautiful home that she and her partner have built together from scratch.

We love the natural and delicate style that characterizes each of the spaces in her home. Needless to say, we particularly wanted to show you the bedroom. It’s undoubtedly one of the simplest and most Instagrammable rooms we’ve ever seen.

As you can see, the white walls and ceiling are perhaps the most striking feature, leaving plenty of space to add colorful details and accessories. If you take a look back through her previous posts, you’ll find the story of how she transformed that green china cabinet into such an incredible focal feature.

The wooden, Nordic style bed is from Decowood. It’s super simple and practical and even comes with integrated storage space. What more could you ask for?

Another detail that should be pretty easy to replicate is the built-in ledge that doubles as a headboard. There are also small cubby holes on either side of the bed that act as nightstands. By incorporating laminate wall panels, she’s managed to create a warm, light, and incredibly bright space.

A bedroom for nature-lovers

Nick's Urban Jungle, @cottoncandystories.

On her account @cottoncandystories, Nicki’s Urban Jungle shows off her home in Cologne, Germany. She adores 1987 scandi boho decor, almost as much as she loves her two cats, Alaska and Yukon. If you’re looking for inspirational bedroom decor that’s bursting with vintage furniture and natural plants, this is the account to follow.

As for the bedroom, we can’t help but admire its incredible simplicity. At the same time, however, it’s full of character and charm, reflecting the individual personality and style of its owner. It features a beautiful woven wooden headboard, but what stands out most are the mid-century style bedside tables – they’re linear, functional, and simply exquisite.

Needless to say, Nicki clearly loves cacti. She has a small shelf of them above her headboard, with more above the radiator. This is a great way to draw attention away from the radiator, and add a bright, vibrant detail to the room.

Pastel colors – the key to creating Instagrammable bedrooms

Pastel colors are a common feature in many of the internet's most instagrammable bedrooms.

Sandra is from Madrid. If you take a look at her Instagram account @pasitoapasitodecorando, you can admire her stunning home, be inspired, and learn more about DIY – another of her great passions.

It’s fascinating to see how she mixes a variety of different elements while sticking to the natural and boho styles. In her dining room, she manages to combine a variety of different types of seating, while in the bedroom, she incorporates two different nightstands, which she swops around and changes frequently. It’s also amazing how easy it is to create such a neat and tidy space.

Once again, wood is the main feature here. In fact, it’s a feature common to many of the most Instagrammable bedrooms on the internet. She’s tagged most of the textile and furniture brands she’s used in the descriptions of her photos, so you can recreate the look.

Rustic bedrooms – simple yet striking

If you love reclaimed wood, rustic or boho style features, and furniture and decorations that tell a story, you need to take a look at @martahouse_s.

Her bedroom is bursting with natural fibers and wonderful macramé decorations. She enjoys playing around with colorful textiles to create new looks for her bedroom. 

And the best bit is most of the accessories she uses can be found in high street stores such as H&M home, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to recreate this look in your bedroom.

We really enjoyed taking a look at some of the most Instagrammable bedrooms on the internet. As you can see, you don’t need designer labels or a huge budget to transform your bedroom into a relaxing and stylish space.