Macramé Decorations - Bringing Boho Back

In this article, we'll give you some ideas on how to decorate with macramé - perfect for anyone who loves the boho or hippy style. These will look great in any house!
Macramé Decorations - Bringing Boho Back

Last update: 11 February, 2019

Macramé is the art of creating decorations from knotted material. It first emerged in Persia and Syria thousands of years ago and is a type of handmade decoration made from thick thread or rope, which is knotted or plaited to create a structure which closely resembles bobbin lace.

Over the last season, we have seen macramé decorations being used to decorate all around houses and apartments. They bring a warm, homely feel that we simply love, as well as a distinctive boho look.

boho-chic ideas to decorate your bedroom

As you already know, every fashion trend eventually comes back into style, and interior decorating is no exception. This handmade decorating trend has come back into fashion in a big way. It’s an easy and low-cost way to decorate and will give your house a charming and informal look.

In today’s article, we’ll give you some tips on how to decorate your home using macramé. If you’re someone who loves bohemian style decor, this is sure to be your new favorite thing. This is a trend you don’t want to miss out on.

Macramé plant pot stands

Using macramé to create plant pot stands is one of the most popular trends of this season. Using plants and other natural elements is essential in this type of decoration, and will really help to highlight your boho chic style. This type of decoration is simple, but really original too. You can hang them from the walls or the ceiling, and use them to display plants in your house.

Inside, you can place plant pots, glass bottles, candles, or even fish tanks or terrariums… Use your imagination and give your home a really special touch.

You can use all types of different knots to create your macramé decorations. People usually decorate them with tassels and beads to add the perfect finishing touch. The only limit is your imagination!

One great option is to combine these macramé decorations with hanging plant pots to create your own hanging garden. This will help you save space and give your home a really special and natural feel. You could also put your macramé plant pots in one corner of your room, in front of your window or out on your balcony. Another option is to hang them at all different heights to create a beautiful display. This is always a fantastic look!

Corners are some of our favorite places for these decorations and can be used to create something really special for your home. Plus, choosing the right plants will help you to create the perfect look.


Macramé tapestries

Macramé tapestries can be made using all sorts of different materials, such as thread, linen or cotton. You can find them in all different colors, and decorated with all kinds of different adornments. The huge variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors means they can be used almost anywhere, to bring your home a rustic or hippy look.

Macrame 1

Plus, you can also find lots of ethnic-inspired tapestries in decorating stores, with beautiful colored details, braids and decorative fringing… Our favorite color and one of the most common at the moment is off-white, but you can find almost any color you can imagine. They’re normally attached to cylindrical wooden hangers or rails.

Another of the most popular trends is to combine several macramé tapestries to create a larger display, almost like a collage. You can play around with the different colors of each tapestry to create contrast.

Macramé headboards

In a previous article, we gave you some advice on how to decorate the wall behind your bed. One of the ideas we mentioned was to use macramé. This is an idea you’re sure to love. It will give your room a really special look, making it feel warm and welcoming.

This is one of the most common ways to use macramé, alongside hanging it above the sofa. However, there are no rules when it comes to boho decor, so you can hang it in almost any room in the house to give an original and stylish look.

macrame 2

As you can see, these decorations will give your home a beautiful and casual look. If you choose the right place for them, your rooms will look like something straight out of a magazine. So, be bold, and decorate your home with macramé to give it that coveted boho chic look.

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