3 Great Ways to Decorate with Tapestries

Tapestries are a wonderful, original way to decorate your home. Choose the one that goes best with your personality and style!
3 Great Ways to Decorate with Tapestries

Last update: 01 February, 2019

If you want to change things up in your house, there are 3 great ways you can decorate with tapestries. Hanging tapestries will lend a subtle, innovative touch to your home, blending colors and textures into a single space.

Tapestries aren’t usually something people think to decorate with. But they’re actually a great way to cover up bare walls without any form of decoration on them.

But first, you have to have to have a good understanding of the tools you can use to make a room bright and dynamic. Originality stems from creativity, and tapestries can be a major help here.

What’s so great about tapestries as decoration?

mandala tapestry

Let’s start with the aesthetic side of tapestries. They’re made of fabric, go up on walls (hung or attached), and bring a soft, warm, unusual texture to the table.

They normally have some kind of content, like an image, pattern, or just a color. The point is to break up the uniformity of a wall by putting a colorful, lively tapestry over it.

Tapestries give rooms a dynamic feel and draw your attention when you walk in. They are the star of the room.

Liven up your home and put up patterned, colorful tapestries to add a fresh touch to your spaces.

3 ways to decorate with tapestries

1. Polyester tapestries

polyester tapestry with cacti on it

Polyester is a material that seems like a high-quality fabric, but it’s actually factory-made. In other words, it’s mass-produced, not a handmade, artisan product.

  • You hang these on the surface of your wall, which makes them easy to take down if you want to. They’re also non-allergenic and can be washed and scrubbed. 
  • You can have them in bright environments without them losing color or texture.
  • They come in different sizes but generally cover a huge surface, almost the entire space between the ceiling to the floor.
  • They usually have a specific image, including things like nature, urban environments, fantasy worlds, symbols, geometrical patterns, mandalashippy designs, etc.
  • Plus, tapestries aren’t just good for wall decoration. You can also use them as sheets, couch covers, etc.

2. Wall-attached tapestries

wall attached tapestry

You can also attach a tapestry to your wall. Instead of hanging, it sits flatly against the surface. This gives the room a much different, more dynamic look.

  • You generally put one along the entire wall, making a color contrast between it and the other walls in the room.
  • These are very lively, attractive, and alternative. 
  • You need to make sure the wall is entirely clean and smooth before you attach the tapestry. It needs to be fixed perfectly, without any air bubbles or creases.
  • These also have attention-drawing patterns and images. Like the last category, they could be symbolic, landscape drawings, fantasy worlds, etc. But our personal favorites for these are neutral ones with plain colors, lines, or geometrical shapes.

Give your rooms an interesting aesthetic by attaching tapestries to your walls.

3. Handmade tapestries

handmade tapestry

Of all three types, these are our favorites tapestries to decorate with. Handmade ones are done on a loom, and they’re generally big, with embroidery, frills, hanging objects, and other decorations. You can hang them up by attaching a horizontal rod to the wall.

  • These are handmade, which will draw people’s attention even more because they’re so clearly the work of a craftsperson.
  • Some have lots of colors, and others are more neutral. Either way, the main point of attraction with these is their handmade look and feel.
  • These will give your home a chic, bohemian, alternative vibe. They’re outside of the usual decorative norms and can make your space much more original and innovative.
  • Some of them give off a feeling of suspension, with strings on the lower part that look like they’re falling down. 
  • They also give off a sense of warmth and softness. 
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