Freedom in Design with a Boho Decor Style

The boho decor style is the freedom you need to unleash your creativity in your home interiors. Want to know the keys to this decor style?
Freedom in Design with a Boho Decor Style

Last update: 29 July, 2019

One of the hottest home decor trends these days is the boho decor style. It’s free and very colorful and most importantly, eclectic as well. The key to pulling off a boho decor style in your home is giving yourself the freedom you’ll need to decorate your rooms.

Boho doesn’t follow set patterns or strict rules. Instead, it unfolds with experience and the inspiration pulled from different cultures. In addition, boho upholds a life philosophy that aims to find balance through an appreciation of the simple things. As a natural result, this decor style greatly values objects that have a story and a connection with nature.

Origins of the boho decor style

boho decor style origins

The origins of the boho decor style trace back to post-revolution France when the artists who once walked among the bourgeoisie and elite class were suddenly deprived of their high-end lifestyle.

They eventually lowered the social ladder to be a part of the lower class and adopted a nomadic lifestyle, rejecting their former comforts and instead, valuing creativity and art more.

Thanks to their path, the boho decor style and liberty have always been associated with artists, travelers, intellectuals and especially bohemians. All of these groups of people integrated many different historical and ethnic elements to their lifestyles.

Boho decor style characteristics and musts

Fabrics and textures

boho decor style must

Boho decor gives you full reign of using lively colors, patterned textiles and a great variety of furniture. In light of the excitement of all those elements, using a neutral base for your walls is very important to keep the end result from being chaotic or shrill.

In boho decor, using natural materials, such as natural wood or fibers, is key. They help create a warm, inviting setting.

Natural fiber textiles are also a must for floors and walls. Rugs and blankets that use different textures and natural tones are the best options.

Boho decor uses macrame, which is the art of braiding and knotting thick strings or rope. You can use macrame to hang pots or shelves at different heights, creating a unique composition.


boho decor style furniture

As for furniture, boho pieces are one-of-a-kind, such as antique or unique furniture. They play a main role in the setting, drawing all eyes in.

Look for pieces that have a special charm or history, such as Grandma’s favorite armchair, restored desks or a Victorian-era lamp. They have to have be special.

On another note, you can’t forget about pillows. Whether you use them on the bed, couch or floor, they help create casual, relaxed settings.

Using warm colors and ethnic or geometrical patterns for decor elements can add a natural feel and really enhance your boho decor. Your spaces should burst with nature; use plants or materials like wood, fiber textiles, leather or ceramics. All of these materials need to be present to create an overall harmony.

Natural fiber baskets, ethnic wooden figures or sculpture and mask decor on your walls will fill your settings with warmth. Complement your furniture with candleholders and antique-looking pieces.

Using candles throughout your home will add fragrance and color. In addition, metallic pieces are also great decor ideas: standing shelves, bronze trays or tables for table centerpieces, etc.

And you can’t miss out on ceramic pieces and bowls. Antique books are very characteristic of boho decor.

Boho finds inspiration in different cultures and in a life philosophy that looks for balance through enjoying the simple things.


boho decor style inspiration

The boho decor style lets your inner traveler and fearless side shine: your treasured memories, when you fell in love with Morocco and its tapestries, etc. This decor style uses elements that come from diverse cultures. The variety gives settings a special ambiance.

In short, this decor style will give you the freedom you need to let your creativity loose, making way for the excitement you store inside. It’s also a joyful mix between ethnic and hippy decor, which work together perfectly to create unique settings.