Home Decor Tips: The Macrame Trend

Do you like macrame? Whether you answered yes or no, you should read this article. We're sure you'll love it once you do.
Home Decor Tips: The Macrame Trend

Last update: 14 May, 2019

It’s come back into fashion. Although it reached its peak in the 70’s, the macrame trend is actually a technique that goes back many years. If you want to give your home a bit of extra warmth and if you love handmade items, you’ll love this article with suggestions on how to use macrame in and around the home.

Although it might seem like an obsolete and antiquated fashion, a couple of years ago macrame started to come back with a vengeance. The new macrame trend has a renovated and modern feel.

You can find the macrame trend in functional items and products, that are practical as well as decorative, and even in really large items. Things such as pot plant decorations, rugs, lampshades, and chairs are some of the places you can now see this tradition that’s full of romantic and nostalgic feelings.

Put a little macrame into your life

Macrame lamp shade

A hanging lamp shade done in cream wool

There is an infinite variety of different models for macrame lampshades. Some are for floor lamps, others for ceiling lamps, all of them beautiful. They give off a diffused light and are perfect for bohemian and rustic styles. Combine them with other lights to create a rich, warm effect in your bedroom.

The macrame trend: hanging cot

A white baby cot hanging from the ceiling

Yes! This is one of the latest trends in childcare. With a hanging cot made with macrame for your baby’s first days, you can rock your baby to sleep and keep him or her close to you.

These cots are ravishingly decorative, but they aren’t suitable for bigger babies or toddlers. They can’t take that much movement, so when your baby starts to wriggle about, it will be time to change to a bigger cot.

Macrame wall hangings

A large black macrame wall hanging in a turquoise themed decor

If you want to decorate a wall, a huge piece of macrame wall art could be just what you need. You can play around with different sizes, shapes, and colors. In the photo, you can see a black macrame wall piece, and it provides a great contrast to the rest of the decor. Also, apart from the typical decorations in white or beige, you can also find fantastic tie-dyed macrame… you’ll love it!

Table runners

A white table runner perfectly matches a timber table

Macrame table runners or even bed runners are classy decorative pieces, and they really look elegant on  a timber surface. Choose a table runner with a macrame touch and you’ll have a winner.

Large scale macrame pieces

White macrame chairs are part of the new trend

There are also hanging pot plants in this photo, but what really leaps to the eye are these chairs made almost completely of macrame. If for example, you live in a warm climate, they will be the perfect complement to your decor. You’ll be able to enjoy the warm weather out on the terrace and these comfortable yet classy items will fill your exterior decor with charm.

Macrame curtains

A white macrame curtain lets only diffused light into the room

Let the sunshine in and fill the room with light at the same time as giving the whole atmosphere of the room a romantic touch. Macrame curtains are certainly more decorative than many other types of curtains. They don’t give much privacy at night, but they help to create an intimate, dreamy environment. Check out how to make your very own macrame curtains here.

The macrame trend: decorative coaster leaves

A gorgeous new part of the macrame trend is using these coasters

Why not get into the macrame trend with these beautiful coasters? You can wash them easily, which means you don’t need to worry if you spill anything on them. These gorgeous macrame leaves will be the envy of your guests, although you could also use them as a centerpiece or even make a small hanging mobile with them.

Attention to small details such as these macrame items will transform your home decor. They give any room a warm, homely feel.

Hanging macrame pots

Succulents make up an inside hanging garden

These are definitely a classic. You have probably seen these in your grandmother’s house. They’ve made a comeback, and now you can create a hanging jungle in your home. Hanging pots with macrame would be perfect if you want to create a reading corner full of life for instance.


A beautiful hanging shelf with pot plants as a feature

At the end of the day, macrame is an art form. This means that it will always lend charm to the rooms that you decorate with it. Apart from hanging pot plants, you can also use macrame as a way to hang shelves. It would be great in a room featuring neutral tones, and you could combine it with natural fibers.

Macrame cushions

Macrame cushions are featured with different designs to create a theme

You can find macrame cushions almost anywhere, in any good bed accessories store. Combine them with other patterned fabrics and different colors. You could use them in the bedroom or the living room, perhaps on a sofa with striking colors to provide a contrast.

The macrame trend: in the bedroom

A macrame wall hanging is used instead of a bed headboard as a bedroom feature

As you can see, you can use macrame in a range of different areas, such as a hanging wall decoration. With a spectacular piece of macrame wall art like this one, you won’t even need a  headboard for your bed.

Did you like these ways to integrate the macrame trend into your home? Just go for it and use macrame in your decor in small details or with large scale pieces.