Baby Cribs: A Variety of Designs and Styles

Are you looking for the perfect crib for your baby? Check out some original models in our post today.
Baby Cribs: A Variety of Designs and Styles

Last update: 20 August, 2019

Baby cribs are an essential piece of furniture if you’re expecting. You should have yours already prepared before meeting your little one. As your baby’s bed, it should be comfortable, sturdy and beautiful. Ideally, it’ll also fit into the decor of your baby’s room. By matching the crib to the surrounding decor, you can create an intimate, cozy space for you and your baby.

These days, there are all kinds of interesting baby crib models to choose from. You’ll find them in all kinds of sizes, heights, shapes, and colors. Some models are a solid color while others feature motifs for babies. Or, they might be classic, modern, vintage or even feature a special form. In our post today, we want to show you different baby cribs to choose from.

Baby crib designs

There are some designs for baby cribs as well as the materials and shapes you might find to welcome your little one.

baby cribs designs

Classic cribs

For the most part, classic cribs are fixed, wooden structures with bars. They’re the most sought-out option thanks to their practicality and simplicity. Additionally, these cribs have a standard size, which allows you to use them in small spaces. You can find natural wood cribs or others that have already been treated. If you want to decorate your baby’s crib yourself, get your hands on a classic wood crib and paint it.


Crib-beds are similar to their classic counterparts but can transform into a bed once your baby is big enough. These types of cribs have adjustable bars that can alter the crib’s height. They allow you to use the crib option until your little one is all grown up.

baby cribs crib bed

Wheeled cribs

There are also cribs that feature wheels on their bottom base. The wheels make it easy to move the crib to a different room. Or, you can wheel the crib to your bedroom on a difficult night. Make sure that the wheels have brakes. Brakes will prevent the crib from moving on its own.

Canopy crib

You can also find cribs that have an attached canopy. Most models use a thoughtful color combination for the crib and canopy to make sure it takes center stage in the room decor. Canopies should feature a soft, translucent curtain that gently falls over the cribThe shade will help protect your baby from strong lights, sounds or temperatures. Try to never close the canopy curtains entirely as it could be dangerous.

baby cribs canopy

Crib with drawers

Cribs with drawers and a built-in changing station are extremely practical because they’re essentially a two-in-one design. If your baby room is small, it’ll save you space while keeping everything you need on hand. Some models feature drawers both at the bottom and top of the crib. They usually have a changing station on top of the drawers.

These types of cribs are very convenient as they allow you to store all of your baby’s accessories. Whether they’re clothes, sheets, blankets, baby powder or diapers, they can all tuck away into the drawers. These cribs will look great with a coat of white paint and pastel-colored drawers. Remember, pastel colors are the main players in baby rooms. In addition, you can also  add baby-themed handles to your drawers as well.

Cribs with a cool decor

Some cribs are fun. You can find the moon, princess carriages, bears and other fun images on cribs. They’re generally on the center of the headboard as well as the legs. Fun colors and painted details will look beautiful on these cribs.

Colors for baby cribs

As we mentioned earlier, the color of your baby’s crib plays an important role in the overall setting. It should match perfectly with the surrounding decor. The most popular colors for baby cribs are white, pastel pink, pastel green, sky blue, beige and light gray.

Look for the perfect crib for your baby. Save space, match the materials and colors while always making quality a top priority. That way, your little one can enjoy his or her crib and rest peacefully.

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