Versailles: A Gorgeous Decor Full of Charm

A Versailles-esque decor can inspire you to let a luxurious style reign in your own home.
Versailles: A Gorgeous Decor Full of Charm

Last update: 06 June, 2019

If you’re looking for elegance, you should take a cue from French interior design– the Palace of Versailles to be exact. You can find plenty of decor resources to use in your own home from these interiors.

We’re not talking about converting your home into a Baroque palace where every room is ornately decorated. Rather, we want to study, observe and learn in order to take the best details and know how to highlight them for home decor.

Elegance is a concept that has many connotations. While it could offer decor many things, Versailles decor can always set an ambiance apart from more current styles such as minimalist or rustic decor.

The Palace of Versailles and its history

versailles palace history 1

The Palace of Versailles is an architectural ensemble of different French baroque-style buildings. Its construction dates back to the second half of the 17th century and was completed in several phases. The palace is close to Paris, located in Versailles.

Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King, ordered the construction of the grandiose project in order to showcase his regal power. In uneasy times where the great European Empires vied for power, the palace was meant to symbolize France’s growing importance.

The Palace of Versailles would become a classic example of elegant decor where gold, curved and diverse lines along with gallant decor would truly shine. Every detail had to be worthy of the crown and splendor of royalty.

Glory still shines in the Palace’s decor.

A Versailles bedroom, a dream come true

versailles bedrooms 2

The King’s Apartments might be a bit overwhelming with their excessive decor. The details that run from corner to corner take the decor over the top.

  • The bed is the element with the highest aesthetic quality but it’s hidden away under the canopy. This creates a special, private space while keeping light from peeking in. Today, you can find many similar types of canopies at home decor stores.
  • Wallpaper is another element. Wallpaper does wonders, covering walls and embellishing them.
  • Next, the Versailles style includes floor decor. Rugs offer warmth and a baroque decor with their plant, rockery and curved line patterns.

Light fixtures that demand all eyes

versailles light fixtures

One specific demand that Louis XIV made was ample lighting that would shine upon the gold decor and light up every last corner in the palace. Top-quality light fixtures were the solution.

What’s very interesting is that the Versailles style has been a clear inspiration for elegant chandeliers in modern home decor. We’ve all been to a fancy house that boasts similar chandeliers.

But these chandeliers aren’t new to home decor at all. They were already around in Baroque France. They married light, glass, and gold together to flaunt social status and, above all, magnificence.

Red is a must in Versailles-style decor

versailles red

Wherever it might be, red is a bold color. It’s also wonderful for palaces as it offers an air of elegance. Paired with gold, red becomes a gorgeous choice for interiors.

Red works for both furniture (especially seating) and curtains. A great example to consider is the Queen’s Apartments, where red showcases great style and passion.

Versailles decor flaunts light and power. It fills the palace and the space around it with charm and nobility.

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