How to Modernize your Old Chandelier

If your chandelier has lost its shine, now might be the time to renovate it. In this article, we'll give you a few ideas on how to do just that.
How to Modernize your Old Chandelier

Last update: 04 December, 2018

If you’ve had the same chandelier in your house for years, you may find you’re bored of it. If so, you can try to find a way to modernize your chandelier to give it its old sparkle back or even create a whole new look altogether.

Whatever you decide, the first thing you need to do to revamp your chandelier is take it down and clean it thoroughly. That way, you’ll be able to assess its condition carefully, and, depending on what state it’s in, come up with different ways to improve and update its look.

Ways to renovate your chandelier

1. Matte spray paint

As with many other objects, you can renovate your chandelier with a coating of spray paint. We recommend that you use matte paints, which are really on trend at the moment.

Spray paints are really great for renovating an old chandelier.

One additional piece of advice – once you’ve painted your chandelier, we recommend that you consider changing the light bulbs too, to match the new color of your chandelier and the color scheme used in the rest of the room. It might be that a cold color now looks better than a warm color, for example.

Another option involves taking several different colored spray paints instead of just one. You can then paint every arm of the chandelier a different color, to give it a bright and cheerful look.

If your chandelier has glass or fabric lampshades, be careful not to get any paint on them. It can affect the lighting quality, so it’s best to leave them white or buy new ones. Some people even get rid of their lampshades altogether and instead add spherical paper lampshades.

Another great alternative is to paint your chandelier with matte white paint and add white glass lampshades. This will give you a lamp that is perfect for a minimalist or Nordic style home.

2. Jewel and gemstone chandeliers

If you can’t do up your chandelier with spray paints, another option is to add gemstones. Try to find good quality gemstones, as it’s all too easy to spoil your chandelier with cheap gems. You can glue them at different points around the base or, with a little patience, cover it entirely.

Use gemstones to give your chandelier its old sparkle back.

If covering your chandelier with gemstones is a little over the top for your taste, you can glue some to the glass lampshades instead, if you have them. Another option is to hang a few decorative chains from the arms so it hangs in a more interesting way.

3. Jute string

If you’re renovating a brass chandelier, a very simple but beautiful option is to decorate it with jute string. Covering it with string is a really easy way to give it a more contemporary style, without having to use lots of different decorative elements. The final result will resemble natural fiber or wooden lamps.

The biggest advantage of decorating your chandelier with string is that it’s really simple to do, and you’ll be able to take it off again later without damaging it. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you’ll need to seal the string with silicone at several different points to make sure it doesn’t unravel.

4. Feathers or ivy leaves

If you can’t decorate your chandelier with any of these options and you’re looking for a more casual, bohemian or organic look, there’s one really simple decoration you could use: ivy leaves. Or you could even add some strings of feathers. Remember, look for high-quality materials to get the best possible result.

Other things to consider

Use decorative chains, leaves or even feathers to update your chandelier.

It’s important to remember that just because chandeliers have a naturally classical air, with their metal structures covered with gemstones or glass, this doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to this one style.

Minimalist decor with brick walls and wooden furniture can look great with the metallic and ornamental touch brought by a classic chandelier. It’s all about being brave enough to try out different materials in new and ingenious ways.

If you actually like the overall look of your chandelier and don’t really want to change it, why not try moving it to a new location in your home? Often, this simple solution is enough to make your chandelier shine again so that it gets the attention it deserves. You could also try leaving it in the same place, and simply changing the height. Play around with it, and see what looks best.