Tips on Choosing Your Closet Handles and Knobs

Small elements like closet handles also are a part of a room's decor style.
Tips on Choosing Your Closet Handles and Knobs

Last update: 07 August, 2019

When you’re trying to create a decor style in a specific room, the small details matter. In light of that, we’d like to give you some tips on picking out handles or knobs for your closet doors.

Closets are a fundamental piece of furniture for the living room. The things that they store stay out of sight, but we shouldn’t forget about their doors and handles or knobs. Considering features like handles, decor isn’t just about the furniture and the walls. The handles on a closet door can also form a part of a room’s decor style.

Not surprisingly, there’s a huge variety of types of closet handles and knobs. You can find plenty of interior design possibilities at decor expos and fairs. We love Madrid’s official fair IFEMA.

Simple, rustic and elegant style

If you have a bedroom with a wooden closet, you can stay consistent with the material and use wooden handles.

Wooden handles are usually round, smooth and free of any ridges. They’re a simple design that matches well with the closet and room. These kinds of handles don’t create any clashes in design.

But what about if you have a rustic or an old-fashioned room? We suggest using an aged, golden handle. The shape doesn’t matter too much so can you can choose any sort.

And of course, if you want to add some elegance to your setting, you can look for handles that have a white or colorful porcelain finish. An iron handle would also work well here, but it needs to be small. They’re in the same group as nineteenth-century decor.

Closet handle elegant

Minimalist design

This might very well be the simplest style to pull off that’ll also cause the least amount of headaches. A minimalist style consists of reducing shapes to their simplest form, working with straight, simple lines.

For handles, minimalist design is completely functional. You using either straight or slightly curved handles that are, most importantly, smooth. They’re normally made of aluminum, but you can find them in wood as well if that’s what you prefer.

Prior to choosing your handles, aiming to match them with everything else and avoiding a clash in decor is crucial. The minimalist design has a lot of room to play with and simplicity is its main characteristic.

Closet handle minimalist

Children’s rooms

Moving on, if you’re designing a children’s room, you’ll really be able to play around with design here. Something as small as a handle or knob can turn into a toy that can entertain your little ones.

If you’re decorating a girl’s room, you can use pink and try heart, star, butterfly or other fun-shaped knobs.

Or, if your child is a sports fan, there are knobs that look like tennis balls, basketballs, etc. For a different idea, if your child likes certain TV characters, you could look for models that use Spongebob Squarepants, or different characters, as a design.

Closet handle for children

Other kinds of handles or knobs

The type of closet that we choose for a bedroom or bathroom, and consequently its handles or knobs, will depend on how we decorate the space. The range for decor is vast and, adding on to those that we’ve already seen above, there are other interesting options like the ones below:

  • Chic: glamorous, elite and gallant. Classic chic pieces could include designs like diamonds, bows, etc.
  • Historical: there are some models that have historical designs, like Islamic lattice patterns.
  • Geographical: doorknobs that look like a globe.
  • Ceramic: pictures or shapes in a material that increase the value of a simple doorknob.
  • Textual: a new trend includes using a phrase on a knob that has a smooth surface; it’s a great way to draw eyes.
  • Geometric shapes: simple elements with interesting shapes that should feature some color as well.
Closet handle other

But which one: doorknob or handle?

Either option is a valid one. Both designs are functional, so when you’re deciding between the two, you need to really analyze your setting’s decor theme.

From an ergonomic standpoint, a handle is easier to grab. While you have to make an effort to open the door, the shape of the handle helps us open it faster.

On the other hand, doorknobs stick out more thanks to their decor; however, they’re smaller and take up less space than a handle would.

If the design that you want is hard to find, the internet is your solution. However, if you’d rather browse with some customer service, or even look at the materials in person, there are a number of companies that specialize in small, decorative pieces.

Both a doorknob or handle make for good options. However, you have to think about your decor in order to choose the right one for your home.

Taking care of the small details will lead you to success.