3 Bedroom Decors to Replicate

We made it easy for you to pick and choose one of these gorgeous bedroom looks: romantic, classic and modern. Which one is yours?
3 Bedroom Decors to Replicate

Last update: 22 May, 2019

We want you to love your room and if you’re still not sure which bedroom decor style you like most, we have three very different styles to show you to help you find the one. And if the examples aren’t enough, you can copy these decor ideas for easy results that you’ll love.

The basics for nailing bedroom decor

bedroom decor basics

Regardless of the look you decide to use for your bedroom, there are certain rules that you should never break. Before copying one of these bedroom looks, make sure you know them and will always use them.

  1. Lighting: make sure that you have the lighting to suit the needs you may have in your bedroom. They could range from reading, getting dressed or having a romantic night. Work gradually, adding various light sources to create warmth and position them where you need them.
  2. Color range: create a color palette and stick to it. We’ve already gone over it before, but remember that neutral colors are your friends and accessories will help you add warmer colors.
  3. Order: let us repeat, remember that exterior order brings internal order. If you want peace and well-being, you need clear surroundings. That’s how our brain works, and when it comes to bedrooms, it’s very important that you keep yours orderly and clean.

1. A classic style

bedroom decor classic

Classic bedrooms are cozy, elegant spaces and wood is one of the main elements that transmits these sensations.

The most popular types of wood include cherry, walnut, and oak. These woods are associated with a more regal style thanks to their colors and finishes, which tend to be darker with some degree of detailed work.

The object that stands out most is the headboard and you can use it to fill your bedroom with elegance. How about a 4-poster bed? Or an upholstered headboard, perhaps? Showcase it and define the rest of your decor.

As for the fabrics, they play a very special role. Especially rich, luxurious fabrics like velvet. Nice, heavy, long curtains that drape beautifully will be your finishing touch.

And chandeliers are perfect. But if they’re too much for you, a more practical option, like built-in spotlights will also work wonderfully. One last thing, wall trims and paneling will make your bedroom decor a complete classic.

2. A romantic bedroom

bedroom decor romantic

There are decor options for dreamers, too. Here, colors play a huge role. Go for pastel colors, like pink, blue, green, purple and yellow… and you can even use them together.

A floral wallpaper will be the finishing touch to create a romantic air for your bedroom. Try wall paneling, covering your wall halfway in white wood to create a beautifully intimate space.

Go for soft, dim lighting. String lights will be a key element that won’t go unnoticed. Choose comfortable bedding in two or three colors and play with several blankets, plaids, and pillows to make it look nice and plush.

As for the materials, other than wood, brass will be a great option for romantic looks. And if you give it a vintage feel, even better. Add some original nightstands and you’re all set!

3. Modern bedroom decor

bedroom decor modern

If you’re all about the latest trends you’ll probably want something much more modern, steering away from the two former looks.

For modern decor, the key lies in the combination and creating an eclectic space with classic and modern furniture pieces. They should be very different from each other but work perfectly together.

Use an antique French style dresser with a minimalist line bed and a hanging light fixture instead of a nightstand lamp.  Have fun and be creative, you’ll love the results.

As for colors, black is king, followed by grays and white. But don’t forget that this is your bedroom; make it warm and create a relaxed space for a good night’s sleep. We recommend very light grays with pops of blue. Do you know which bedroom look you want yet?

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