Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

In a small bathroom, you should take advantage of every available space, as well as integrate low-volume design elements. Find out how to do it.
Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Last update: 05 August, 2021

Having a small bathroom isn’t necessarily a limitation: it’s the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild when it comes to style and functionality. Forget about towels on the floor, messy makeup in the cabinet, and unsightly items strewn across the floor. Here are some storage solutions for small bathrooms. Get inspired!

1. Take advantage of the space above your toilet

Storage solutions for small bathrooms

In a small bathroom, it’s important to be creative. Fortunately, the space above the toilet can be used in different ways, either with shelves on which you can place toilet paper, towels, and even plants or a towel rail.

2. Storage solutions for small bathrooms: use the space above the door

Do you have a lot of things that should be in the bathroom, but have no idea where to put them? The space above the door looks conveniently empty. You’ll be surprised to learn that this may be the ideal place for a mantel. After you install it, you can store your folded towels there to keep them tidy.

3. Increase the storage capacity of your medicine cabinet!

Did you know that the door of your medicine cabinet also serves to store? Attach a magnetic note board to the inside of the door and tidy up your grooming tools and beauty supplies.

Use containers and magnetic hooks to store and hang your things. You can also put magnets on the back of your cosmetics and attach them directly. The only thing you have to anticipate is that the door must be able to close completely.

4. Storage solutions for small bathrooms: opt for a ladder-type shelf

Because they don’t protrude too much from the wall, these shelves are considered one of the best storage solutions for bathrooms with limited space. You can hang towels, place baskets with toilet paper, as well as show off your good taste.

5. Store essential items in a cart

If you have a kitchen cart that you’re no longer using, how about replacing glasses, stemware, and cocktail shakers with towels, lotions, and exfoliating sponges? Likewise, it can be dedicated only to hairdressing articles or manicures and pedicures.

6. Equip your shower with an additional bar

Install a shower rod that’s close to the wall. In it, place S-type or meat hooks that’ll serve to hang sponges, body brushes, and even an organizer for shampoo, conditioner, among other items.

7. Use the space between the toilet and the bathroom

In bathrooms, there’s usually a space between the toilet and the wall. If you need more storage space, consider adding a magazine rack, ladder shelf, or casters.

8. Storage solutions for small bathrooms: install some hooks

Hooks are ideal if you have a small bathroom. You can hang towels, robes, body sponges, and more. Likewise, it’s recommended that they have a metallic tone (if possible), similar to that of your faucet, to give a touch of shine and good taste.

9. Storage solutions for small bathrooms: install a wall faucet

If you’re thinking of remodeling your home, it’s time to consider whether to place the sink faucet on the wall. In addition to being stylish and making your sink easy to clean, wall-mounted faucets increase the space available to store essential items. Another of its advantages is that there’s a greater distance between the spout and the drain, which makes it easier to wash your face.

10. Designate a space for cleaning supplies

In the cabinet or space that’s under the sink, you can organize your bathroom cleaning products. Add a tiered organizer, bucket, or cart that allows you to have access to and grab all items at once!

11. Don’t forget the space behind the door!

Other tips to maximize space in small bathrooms

It’s a fact that in a small bathroom, you should take advantage of every available space. We’ve talked about the space above the toilet, the door and even the space between the toilet and the wall, so we couldn’t forget about the back of the door. Here, you can install a towel rod or hook. If you organize it well, you could install both, and have more storage space.

Other tips to maximize space in small bathrooms

In addition to storage solutions, small bathrooms need design elements that don’t take up too much space. For example, a round mirror. Similarly, consider that your shower doors are sliding instead of folding, since the latter takes up space when you open them.

Another tip to follow that can make your bathroom look bigger is to use neutral, but bright colors. White is perfect for reflecting light and giving a feeling of spaciousness to tight spaces. Also, add plants if you feel that your bathroom feels claustrophobic; they add life to any space and are very beneficial.

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