5 Kinds of Bathroom Mirrors

Add personality and style to your bathroom using mirrors!
5 Kinds of Bathroom Mirrors

Last update: 13 June, 2020

If you’re thinking about redoing your bathroom, pay special attention to the mirrors. Bathroom mirrors have the ability to bring light and personality to any space. That’s why in this article we’re going to show you 5 different kinds of bathroom mirrors.

This element creates a certain aesthetic in almost any room of the house. In fact, mirrors are also something we use every day in our daily routines. Therefore, it’s important to carefully study the style before buying one!

To choose the perfect bathroom mirror, you need to take your personality and the style of your bathroom into account. Thanks to the wide variety of styles, shapes, and kinds of bathroom mirrors, it’s possible to find your perfect mirror!

1. Round bathroom mirrors

Some bathroom mirrors are round.

Square and rectangular mirrors can make your bathroom look a bit dated. An original alternative is round or oblong mirrors. This type of mirror helps smooth sharp angles and creates a minimalist look.

Thanks to the popularity of round mirrors, there are now practically unlimited options. No matter the decorative style of your bathroom, a round mirror can bring a special feeling into the room.

Within the category of round bathroom mirrors, you also have the option of using multiple small circular mirrors. Through this technique, you can combine the elegance of round mirrors with the dynamism of combining several pieces.

A mirror is the perfect way to finish off your bathroom decor.

2. Illuminated bathroom mirrors -attractive and innovative

An illumniated mirror in a bathroom.

Instead of using overhead lights above a mirror, you can actually just use an illuminated mirror. This keeps your walls clean and also generates ambient light.

Another benefit is that illuminated mirrors are great for being able to see your face clearly in the mirror. These mirrors are also perfect for bathrooms with little natural light. However, it’s important to make sure that the lighting is soft, rather than harsh or fluorescent.

3. Gold mirrors -glamor and elegance

An elegant bathroom.

Another option is to highlight the silvery sheen of the mirror with a gold frame. Gold also adds a little warmth and elegance to both casual or vintage style bathrooms. Fortunately, there are plenty of gold mirrors to choose from!

When choosing a gold mirror, you should consider the decorative style of your bathroom and it’s dimensions. For example, for a small bathroom with lots of gold elements, a thick gold frame can be too much and overly eye-catching.

However, gold bathroom mirrors are perfect for minimalist, simple bathrooms. In fact, when combined with solid colors and clean, straight lines, these mirrors create a unique effect. Then, to completely integrate the mirror into the room, you can add small details in gold, such as a towel bar or vanity knobs.

4. Triptych mirrors – multiple reflections

A beautifully decorated room with wood features.

Triptych mirrors are a fantastic option if you want to add a touch of glamor to your bathroom. A triptych mirror is in the style of an old Hollywood dressing room mirrors from the ’80s. This type of mirror is a great way to complete a vintage look in your bathroom.

  • Triptych mirrors are made up of three pieces.
  • The largest piece usually goes in the middle. Then, there are two pieces on each side with similar height, width, and shape.
  • This was a popular choice among actors because it allows you to see your face from every angle.

Give your bathroom a touch of ’80s chic style with an antique triptych mirror.

5. Double bathroom mirrors

A double sink counter decorated in gold.

If you have a large vanity unit or sink, the perfect choice for your bathroom is double mirrors. This style of mirror adds a great visual impact to the wall. One way to add depth to this design is by placing light fixtures, such as a sconce, within the space between the two mirrors.

This option works especially well when you have double sinks. Then, you can place a mirror over each sink. However, you can also hang double mirrors over a single sink. The goal is to emphasize the wall without having to completely cover it with mirrors. You just have to make sure the mirrors are parallel.

Just remember, you’re not limited to a mirror shape or size. You can even mix and match different styles of the wall to give your bathroom a little more personality!

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