The Main Decorative Elements for Children's Bathrooms

Your children can have a personalized bathroom themed with animals, colors, or animated characters. In this article, discover some of the best ideas for children’s bathrooms.
The Main Decorative Elements for Children's Bathrooms

Last update: 18 May, 2020

The atmosphere of a room must contain the elements that correspond to a specific theme. For this reason, it’s useful for you to know the main decorative elements for children’s bathrooms.

Generally, in a home, people tend to distribute the bathrooms between family members. The adults use one, the teens another, and the children yet another. Therefore, the decoration of each bathroom should depend on the people who use it.

For this reason, it’s possible to decorate a bathroom for children. You have to turn it into a room your children will identify with. As you do with their bedrooms, you can also decorate children’s bathrooms.

Turn the bathroom into a fun place

A bathroom for children.

The main goal that you must consider is the possibility of turning the bathroom into a fun place. The idea is for children to associate daily hygiene with entertainment and dynamism. For this reason, you must adapt the space with attractive features for your children.

If you can get this place to capture your child’s attention, you’ll be contributing to their happiness and health since it’ll be easier for them to use it.

In this regard, you should know your child’s tastes. And if they’re still small, you can inspire with multiple children’s decorative elements.

It’s important for you to personalize the bathroom with fun and enjoyable decorative elements.

An animal theme for children’s bathrooms

An owl-themed bathroom.

If you lack ideas and don’t know where to focus the decoration, it’s time to assess some resources that help you to add a theme to a child’s bathroom:

  1. A key concept that you can use is wall stickers. You can use them to represent an animal. In addition to decorating the walls, these images teach children about different species, such as whales, fish, and seahorses.
  2. Shower curtains are also another important resource, especially because they take up a large space. They don’t need to contain an animal theme. However, we recommend not opting for bold colors.
  3. To make teeth brushing a fun activity for your children, you can choose exciting toothbrush holders. For example, in the shape of a frog or another animal.
  4. Towels are items children personally identify with. In the same way that parents have towels in their favorite colors, children like to have the same, even with animal prints.
  5. As for the furniture, you can decorate it with different tones to make the bathroom an interesting place. Also, you can complete the decoration with animal stickers.

Personalized decorative elements for children’s bathrooms

A Mickey Mouse-themed bathroom.

You can find most children’s favorite characters to decorate their bathrooms. Some of the most common are cartoons, superheroes, or science fiction characters: Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob SquarePants, Spiderman, Batman, and characters from other Disney movies.

On the other hand, you can consider a neutral theme, with recognizable features. Some of the most popular are dinosaur stickers and vinyls or, an animal-shaped mirror or clouds painted on the wall.

Colors in children’s bathrooms

A colorful bathroom.

If you don’t want to have any particular theme, you can simply use colors. For this, you can use vivid colors that activate emotions and that are different from those you use to decorate your home.

Children tend to love pastel tones. However, if you want to create a more peaceful environment, sky blue and white are good options. And don’t forget that bright colors create a sense of energy.

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