Children’s Furniture – Keys for Finding the Perfect Pieces

September 27, 2019
Have children at home and want to know which pieces are the best for their rooms? Read on and learn the keys for making the right choices.

Furniture for children’s rooms should be top-quality and perfect to meet the needs and personalities of your children. It should be safe, easy to clean, resistant and comfortable.

Can you really ask for more? Yes, it should also help create a comfortable setting for children and their parents alike. So, before you tackle children’s room decor, make sure you know the keys to finding the right furniture.

Furniture for children’s rooms – absolute requirements

children furniture


Closet and drawer doors should close and open seamlessly. Make sure that the drawers have a stopper to prevent them from falling out.

Less is more

Another basic norm is simplicity. The simpler the furniture, the better. Children’s room decor should revolve around a few key furniture pieces.

Ideally, you should have a set of furniture that’s appropriate for your child’s age. As your child grows and needs more, you can add more pieces to their rooms.

Transformable pieces

Cut down on spending by looking for transformable furniture pieces that have different uses without requiring add-ons.

We also recommend using pieces that are easy to move and collapsible.

The right size

Children’s furniture should meet the needs of your children. In light of that, look for low furniture such as low dressers, chairs or tables. These pieces shouldn’t obstruct, while being easy to reach.

Children’s furniture – a world of options

Climbable furniture, toys, games… Children can enjoy plenty of resources that make their days more entertaining.

The furniture in a child’s bedroom should invite them to explore and build an imaginary world.


children furniture bed

Your child is ready to move on from the crib to a real bed at around the age of 2 or 3.

But other factors might also play a role. For example, personality or having siblings can also determine the move from crib to bed. More often than not, children with older siblings make a faster transition.

You can find an incredibly wide variety of children’s beds. Some of them are really inspirational, featuring bright colors and fun shapes. Trundle beds are a great option as they can also serve as a couch during the day.

But if you’re trying to make the most of the space, loft beds are great as you can make use of the floor area.

Folding beds are another great idea. They tuck away in closets, which creates more space for playing and studying.

Desk and chair

children furniture desk chair

Children should feel comfortable as they study or do their homework. Being comfortable will help eliminate distractions. Thus, keeping shelves or drawers to put books and school supplies away in will be helpful.

Choose a chair and desk set that suits your child’s stature. Adjustable chairs are a good option as they allow children to comfortably plant their feet on the ground while keeping their knees waist-height. And make sure that the chair’s back supports your child’s back well.

The desk should be about 60 cm to 100 cm long. We recommend looking for a light-colored, matte option to prevent light from reflecting off of the surface.

Children’s furniture – more options


children furniture stools

Children’s stools often come in fun designs and have rounded edges. Plastic is the most popular material for these pieces, especially PVC, making for a study yet an easy-to-clean option.

Inflatable armchairs

children furniture inflatable armchair

These chairs are a great way to add instant fun. Children love sitting or playing on them. They’re also very practical because they’re lightweight and can be moved around easily


children furniture hammock

Hammocks are wonderful for resting or playing. Some models are recyclable, foldable or feature a tray for eating or playing. In addition, footrests and headrests are other accessories worth considering.


children furniture

The seat and footrest on highchairs are adjustable, allowing your child to sit more comfortably no matter what stage they’re at. When your little one grows out of the highchair, it can convert into a normal chair.

As you’ve read with us today, choosing the right children’s furniture doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow our key points and you’ll make the perfect choices for your children’s rooms.