Tips for Storing Towels and Avoiding Chaos

Follow these tips for storing your towels and put your storage in order. Make sure your favorite towels are always on hand, clean, wrinkle-free and ready to use.
Tips for Storing Towels and Avoiding Chaos

Last update: 02 August, 2021

Follow these tips for storing towels and ensure that the closet or the area where you store them doesn’t become a chaotic disaster. More, because these are items that you need to always have on hand, you need to maintain optimal storage organization. Since you launder your towels several times a month they need to be easily accessible.

Like other garments such as bedding, your towel storage must be well organized, so your towels will be well cared for, clean, and free from wrinkles. Keep reading as we’ll tell you more about this!

Tips for storing your towels

Hand, beach or bath towels are just some of the different types of towels that you’ll likely have at home. If you have between three and four sets of each type that you use depending on the seasons, and according to colors or material, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed when organizing them.

It might even seem that there’s no place for all of your towels? Or that you don’t have enough space to store them all? Don’t worry, these tips will make your life so much easier.

Classify your towels

Sort your towels.

The first of our tips for storing your towels is to classify them. Order your towels depending on the type of towel and its measurements. In addition, some towels aren’t regularly used, so organize them in order of priority.

Classify your towels so that when you need them they’re easy to find and each set is together. Above all, use guides such as colors or types of material to make it easier to locate, remove and replace them. Do this in such a way, as to ensure you don’t disorganize the rest of your towels.

Store your towels rolled up

When you store rolled towels you can optimize your space. So, after classifying them, fold them in half and roll them up. This way you can put them in the closet or in the types of baskets that you can place in the cabinet under the sink.

Remember that when you buy towel sets they come with ribbons or bows! You can use these to secure your rolled towels and ensure they’re easy to handle and store.

Organize towels in the different cabinets

If you don’t have a single closet for storing towels and the bathroom cabinet is insufficient, store each towel set in the family member’s own closet. That’s right! Give each person their own set of towels and make clear which ones they should use from week to week.

Now, if there’s no space in the closets to store them rolled up, another tip is to hang them. You can even secure a couple of hooks inside the closet, then fold towels in half and hang them to save space.

Create a specific space to store towels

The last of our tips for storing your towels is to create a specific space. A good option is to use shelving, where you can locate baskets or organizers to accommodate your rolled or folded towels.

Depending on the location of the shelves, choose baskets that match your decor.

Avoid mistakes when storing your towels

Avoid mistakes when storing towels.

Now we’re going to give you some tips that’ll help you to avoid making mistakes when storing your towels:

  • Never store them wet: after washing, it’s essential that you make sure your towels are completely dry. Otherwise, the humidity will lead to the appearance of fungus and bad smells.
  • Store towels by folding or rolling them: if you put towels in the closet aimlessly, you’ll create clutter and your closet space won’t suffice among the chaos.
  • Regularly wash towels that you don’t use: the fact that we don’t often use a certain set of towels doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t wash them. Over time, towels in storage can take on a musty smell or become dusty. This is something that’s most inconvenient when it comes to using them.
  • Don’t leave towels exposed in the bathroom: this act constitutes a big mistake. When we leave our towels hanging in the bathroom for a long time, they start to accumulate bacteria from the environment.

Go ahead and follow these tips to store your towels

We hope these towel storage tips are helpful and that you can easily implement them in your home. Our tips ensure that your towels will always be at hand, organized, and clean to use, for you, your family and your visitors.

Remember that washing is an important part of caring for these items, so you should make sure you do this at least once or twice a month.

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