The Walk-In Closet You Dreamed of is Within Your Reach

It doesn't matter if you don’t have a lot of space. You can make the walk-in closet of your dreams with a little ingenuity!
The Walk-In Closet You Dreamed of is Within Your Reach

Last update: 24 November, 2020

No matter how spacious your home is, you’ve surely dreamed of a walk-in closet where you can organize all your clothes and accessories, a big mirror where you can look at yourself, and an area where you can comfortably decide what outfit to wear every day.

Discover all the things you need to take into account to make the walk-in closet of your dreams! We’re sure you’re going to love it because, in addition to being super decorative, it’s a practical idea that will make your life easier.

The measurements

A big walk-in closet.
  • To install a linear walk-in closet, you must have at least 27 inches by four feet of space. If you’re going to install it wall to wall at one end of your bedroom, you should have a minimum space of 13 by 9 feet.
  • Another option is to distribute your walk-in closet into two parallel bars as a dividing partition between your bedroom and the bathroom. This will allow you to have an area to hang longer clothes on one side, which must have a minimum depth of 23 inches. On the other, you can put in some shallow shelves and drawers (17 inches). You must leave at least 35 inches between each side to have some room to walk.
  • For small houses, U-shaped or L-shaped walk-in closets are the best options, as they allow you to make better use of space.

The must-haves your walk-in closet needs

A mirror in a closet.

A big mirror

A key piece of these closets is, without a doubt, a full-length mirror that allows you to look at your entire body. If you can, you should also hang another that allows you to see yourself from behind. Opt for nice frames that will beautify it. If you don’t have much space, choose a movable one, like this one from Mano Mano that has wheels and is also a jewelry box.

A super chic armchair

If you have enough space and you can dedicate an entire room to your closet, an armchair is another essential. Think about those stores that offer nice space to sit while your friends try on clothes. But if you lack space, a loveseat or a small pouf will be more than enough to give it that touch you’re looking for.

Movable pieces of furniture

Again, space is decisive. But if you have some to spare, feel free to place a movable cabinet with accessory drawers in the middle of your walk-in closet.

Another good idea is to opt for a dresser that isn’t too wide and has narrow drawers to store your belts and other accessories.

A different type of closet.

Think about your purses

Purses take up a lot of space. Therefore, you should have a place just for them. Place them on an open shelf with just enough room to have a little space between them. You can put them inside boxes to preserve them or even install glass doors to avoid them getting covered with dust or sunlight damage.

Decorative elements

Your walk-in closet must be on-trend. If not, it won’t serve its purpose. Don’t forget to place decorations that make you feel at peace and surrounded by a beautiful environment.

Rugs are good because, in addition to being decorative, they’ll allow you to stay warm while you undress. Look at these from Ikea.

Another must-have is a beautiful and striking lamp. Don’t limit your tastes! Choose one that turns heads and makes you feel like a true celebrity.

With these decorative elements, you can make the walk-in closet you’ve always dreamed of. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much space, as there are always ways to adapt. Consider the lighting, place LED lights on the shelves and divisions, and try to always keep it neat so you can fully enjoy it!