Original Shelving: 5 Options

Shelves are used to store a variety of things so their form and style depends on what you want to put on them.
Original Shelving: 5 Options

Last update: 07 May, 2019

Shelves are the most versatile elements in a home. They help us maintain order, organize space, and ultimately, create harmony in a room. Original shelving can help with this.

Shelves are always needed in a house. We use them to either put things we use regularly on or to display decorative elements. Shelving just for decoration has many possibilities depending on what you want to use it for, the material, and the amount of money you’re able to invest in original shelving.

Original shelving can be included in any style since it combines well with all types of environments. It’s very versatile. For this reason, shelves can be innovative and contain new features.

In this article, we’ll suggest several types of original shelving that you probably haven’t heard of and that you can use in your home.

1. Original shelving from ladders

Shelving can go hand in hand with minimalism. Just keep in mind that you need to avoid overdecorating and maintain the purity of lines that is traditional with this style.

A good option to maintain this purity in an original way is ladders. Yes, that’s right!

Ladders offer an option for original shelving.

A wooden ladder-shelf is a new style. The idea is to decorate any corner of your home and create a certain charm in the room.

In addition, the geometry of the straight lines and angles they form allows us to use several to create original shelving. This is a good substitute for typical furniture in the living room.

Also, they are ideal for offices and areas with limited space for storage, such as the bathroom. You can use them to hold candles, towels, or any items you use every day.

As you can see, ladders, whatever their type, are an excellent resource to complement the decoration of any corner or empty space.

2. Hanging shelving

Another option for original shelving are shelves that hang from the ceiling. Apart from serving as a place for decorative objects, you can give a touch of originality to the room.

These shelves can be held up with something that hooks to the ceiling. If the shelves are made of wood, they can weigh a lot. This is why they are often made of resistant fabric. This way, you don’t have to worry about damaging the ceiling.

As you can see, hanging shelves can be an interesting option. You can use them, for example, to hang plants and create a hanging vine.

This type of shelf can also serve to separate spaces. This can be useful in small apartments or lofts in which different rooms aren’t clearly differentiated.

You can also place them in corners or use them as side tables depending on their structure and height.

Hanging shelves are another option for original shelving.

3. Pallet shelving

Pallets are very versatile. They can be used for countless things. Also, creating original shelving from pallets is easier than it looks.

This idea goes well in any type of room. It serves to fill both large spaces and to decorate an empty corner. By using pallets, you can give a vintage and industrial touch to your home. In addition, they combine perfectly with other furniture.

If you want to decorate the pallet, you can also personalize it by painting it or writing a phrase you like on it.

Shelves made of pallets are practical and beautiful. Also, if you decorate them with plants, large, decorative stickers, or candles, they’ll look like they just came out of a magazine.

4. Shelves with fruit boxes

This type of shelf is very similar to the previous ones because they are homemade.

First, you need to make sure that the boxes are solid. They shouldn’t wobble or be uneven. If they are, you’ll need to make them level, either by sanding or adding some height to one of the sides.

The good thing about this type of shelf is that fruit boxes are completely recyclable. You can make them into your own style of original shelving. Let your imagination run wild!

5. Geometric shelving

Geometric shapes bring harmony and symmetry to decoration.

Circular shapes are currently very popular. People use them to recreate vintage environments.

Another type of geometric shelving is hexagonal-shaped. A fashionable shape is shelving that mimics a honeycomb. It can add personality to an empty wall. In addition, it’s common in stores or coffee shops. It gives an original touch while creating a cozy feeling.

Geometric shelving is another type of original shelving.

Triangular shelves are great in children’s rooms. You can also play with colors and combine them in different ways.

In addition, don’t forget that overloading shelves can break up the harmony of a room. Therefore, just put a few objects on them. You don’t want them to look overcrowded.

As you can see, there are many interesting options and these are just a few. Why not give original shelving a try?