Plenty of Possibilities with Polycarbonate Sheets

Have you heard of polycarbonate sheets? Read about some examples of what they are and ideas for how to use them in our post today,
Plenty of Possibilities with Polycarbonate Sheets

Last update: 18 December, 2019

In our post today, we want to talk to you about polycarbonate sheets. Read and learn about the different types that exist and their functions.

First off, polycarbonate is a thermoplastic  that is transparent and resists heat and impact. In addition, the sheets are lightweight (they don’t require complex structures for their installment) and insulate heat well. Polycarbonate sheets can work well with all kinds of surfaces: wood, metal, aluminum…

As a result, this can be a solution for many situations. In fact, they’re in high demand. You can find different types of polycarbonate sheets such as:

  1. Solid or monolithic sheets
  2. Cellular sheets
  3. Corrugated sheets

Keep on reading to learn their most common functions. Polycarbonate sheets are common in construction, architecture, interior design and industrial design.

They play an important role on top of solid structures while letting light pass through.

Polycarbonate sheets for skylights and domes

polycarbonate sheets skylights

More often than not, a lack of space or light due to size or orientation is a common problem that affects today’s homes.

But we tackle dark spaces with different resources to create well-lit homes. While we’ll always need to rely to some degree on artificial lightingenhancing natural light as much as possible is crucial.

Skylights and domes can be a great way to lighten up a home. But if yours doesn’t have them originally, they’ll be quite a project but are well worth it. However, they’re only a viable option for homes that sit on the top floor of a building.

Transparent or translucent roofs

polycarbonate sheets roofs

Transparent roofs work great for porches, balconies or closed decks. Glass enclosures help homes make better use of these spaces by connecting them to the rest of the living space (normally to a kitchen or living room), but polycarbonate roofs are another way to extend living space as well.

You can find polycarbonate sheets at home improvement stores, such as Leroy Merlin. Today, Leroy Merlin even offers roofs to cover an area of 12m² for 369 euros. You can find more information here (link in Spanish).


polycarbonate sheets greenhouses

Do you have a house in the countryside or a nice backyard and want to grow your own plants? If so, a greenhouse is essential. You can find greenhouses for around 300 euros on Amazon. They offer various models, which means finding the right one that suits your available space will be easy.

We started the beginning of this post by describing the characteristics and benefits of polycarbonate sheets. These sheets can offer great advantages for greenhouses – plants, fruits, and vegetables will enjoy full protection from adverse weather conditions (rain, wind, hail, too much sunlight, etc.) as well as from birds.


polycarbonate sheets pools

In addition to extending living spaces and creating greenhouses, polycarbonate sheets are also a common solution to cover sports centers, pools or spas. While they would be a big project, there are many options to choose from.

A polycarbonate cover offers better insulation, which will stabilize the water temperature— and that’s a great benefit. You can also consider applying a non-drip finish that drives droplets to slide down the walls instead of dripping down.

There are only a handful of ways to use polycarbonate sheets. Many people rely on them and reap their benefits.