Types of Fences for Your Yard or Garden

Want to fence in your yard? Well then, now's a good time to learn about the various types of fences out there, so you can get the most unique, eye-catching look.
Types of Fences for Your Yard or Garden

Last update: 30 September, 2019

Your home’s exterior decoration is a world full of possibilities. But for today, we wanted to focus specifically on the various types of fences you can use to decorate your yard or garden. There are endless different ways to put a border around your outdoor space, all with the subtle aesthetics of a fence.

Many people focus entirely on their interior decoration. But then they realize that they could be using their outdoor spaces more. This is when it’s time to take some initiative and take action now that you’ve realized how important it is to decorate outside your house.

Obviously, some types of fences will be more functional than others. There are also those fences that simply have a gorgeous aesthetic. The type you choose will depend on what exactly you want to bring to your outdoor spaces, and what value you want the fence itself to have.

Types of fences


This is one of the more common types of fences in the decoration world. They’re especially common in single-home plots of land and have a truly gorgeous aesthetic. That beauty comes in part from all the different designs that can be made with the metal. Some, especially wrought iron fences, can look like true works of art.

There are also some fences made of steel. These are often straight, vertical bars with decorative flourishes. Some will come with a point on the top, and others a sphere. You’ll generally see them in dark colors. There’s a lot of empty space, so you can mostly see through them.

One option on the purely functional side is chicken wire, which also allows near-total visibility. People often use them as a way to fence off a lawn, but they’re very common in gardens and backyards too. You can also make them nearly invisible by putting ivy, bushes, or trees in front of them. That’s a good way to gain some privacy.

It’s hard to say which option is most common in terms of metal fences. 

Four types of wooden fences

Four types of wooden fences.

Whether in homes or for playgrounds and other public spaces, wooden fences are one of the most common types out there and can make a space much prettier. Because of their color, they’re very neutral and don’t stand out too much. This can give a space a sense of naturalness and warmth. Here are some of the varieties:

  • The most classic version, of course,  are wooden picket fences. The beams aren’t generally super thick and are functional. These kinds of fences tend to be short. Most will be about 3 feet tall, though some are closer to 6.
  • Walls made of vertical, cylindrical posts are relatively common, too, especially in public areas. In some cases, they’ll have small gaps in between, or may be connected by something that makes them hard to see through. Their aesthetic is very similar to the last kind.
  • Pallet fences are also a great option. You can give old pallets a new purpose by placing them beside each other as a fence. They’ll make for an especially interesting outdoor space because of the aesthetic they have.
  • Last but not least, are lattices. These fulfill the same function as a traditional fence but make the space much more private. They have a crisscrossing pattern of small planks of wood. They also come in many different heights, to suit your needs.

Bamboo: an exotic material

Bamboo is an extremely durable material. It can withstand high and low temperatures and does a great job of protecting and privatizing your home. This plant is extremely strong and makes for an absolutely great fence material.

What you do is tie the bamboo stalks together and place them vertically into the ground. It’s okay for them to have varying shades, too. That gives off a dynamic, natural feeling as if you’re in a jungle. The long stalks also make it easy to create a tall fence.

Bamboo is a great way to make your outdoor spaces feel different. So, this is a great option if you’re looking to distinguish your home from the others in your neighborhood. It’s a perfect way to be original with your decoration.

Natural fences

Another one of our favorite types of fences is the kind with panels with natural materials on them. These are great for hiding your outdoor space, because of the opacity that comes from the combination of branches and wooden panels. 

These are naturalistic fences that do a great job mimicking natural environments. This makes them very clearly different from fences made with metal or wooden planks. Those are all natural materials, but they’ve been processed and aren’t in their natural forms anymore.

These panels, on the other hand, have actual natural things on them. There are also lots of different types of them that come in different colors, though earth tones are the most common.

So, which type of fence seems best for the outdoor spaces in your home? What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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