How to Build your Own Little Balcony

A little balcony can be an extension of your living room or your kitchen if you're lucky enough to have space outside. Here's how to style your balcony.
How to Build your Own Little Balcony

Last update: 30 March, 2020

You don’t need to have a lot of room, you can always enjoy a little balcony if you make the best of the space. In this article, you’ll learn how to build a little balcony and, in case you already have one, how to get the best out of it.

Ideas to build a little balcony

Just because you live in an apartment building doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the view, even if it’s from a little balcony. Even if you’re renting, ask the owners for permission to turn part of the space you have into a terrace or an extension of the living room.

If you have the opportunity to build a balcony, pick a place with a lot of sunshine in the mornings. This can be part of the living room, a bedroom or the kitchen. This way you can enjoy your breakfast on the weekends, or before you leave for work.

To make some space, find a place to put things or throw them out or donate them to charity.

Pay attention to your views. If you live in front of another building, your neighbor’s yard or a highway, you may lose some privacy. Decide if you want windows, bars, walls or half and half.

A little balcony with plants.

Turn a little balcony into a cozy garden

Now that you’ve figured out if you can build a balcony, or if you already have one, it’s time to style it. One of the best ways is to turn it into a garden to spend the time in.

1. Use green plants

These come with a lot of benefits. They can purify the air or make you feel cool in the summertime. Green plants are always in season and they’re easy to care for.

Cushions to sit on in a little balcony.

2. Look for colorful flowers

Among all that green, a little color will stand out. To keep it light, choose flowers of similar colors. Pink, violet or red are great colors to choose from.

3. A vegetable garden

You don’t need much space to create a vegetable garden. If you live in the city, use little pots and aromatic plants, such as basil, oregano, thyme or parsley, to use in your cooking.

4. Make the best of every corner

Use colorful pots on the railings. Try to get your hands on those special railings where you can put pots outside the windows. Don’t forget to use your walls, as well. Try creating a vertical garden, using hanging pots or placing them on shelves.

A reading corner in a little balcony.

Furniture and decorative elements for your little balcony

You’ve got the balcony, you’ve got the plants. What else? Some furniture, of course! But before you go out and get it, think about how you’ll use this space. Don’t clutter it, or you’ll have trouble walking around.

Whether you want a breakfast nook or a place to entertain your friends, you don’t need a big table. Buy a few folding chairs, these won’t take much space while you’re not using them.

Another thing you could do is place cushions on the floor and put them away when it rains. A good idea is having a little table where you can put your book down, a cup of tea, or your phone. The little things will go a long way.