Decor Detox - Let Go of Everything You Don't Need

Dare to try our challenge? Operation Detox will take you on a journey to clean out your home of useless objects that only take up space and energy.
Decor Detox - Let Go of Everything You Don't Need

Last update: 28 November, 2019

A new year is getting closer and with it, new hopes and goals. Are you planning on being healthier, detoxing from the holidays and taking better care of yourself? Well, your home needs the same! A decor detox. Kick off the year by saying goodbye to all the decor accessories you don’t need anymore. Up for the challenge?

Decor detox – a lighter home

Just as we said before, your home can feel a little stuffed after the holidays. Why did you put out that ugly vase that you got from Secret Santa? Are you really going to keep using chipped plates forever? How long should you hang on to those videotapes that you have just sitting in your storage closet?

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As silly as it seems, we hang on to things we don’t like, don’t need and don’t even want throughout our lifetime. They only take up space and energy. If you don’t believe it, just ask Marie Kondo.

It’s time to put an end to it! Kick off your new year with fewer kilos thanks to a decor detox.

9 things to let go of

1. Obsolete appliances and machines

Start your home detox by letting go of anything old. Old cellphones, your VHS player, the 200 mysteriously-acquired chargers. But make sure you take them all to an official recycling area and thank them for all those years of good use.

2. Memories

Don’t throw them all away, but you don’t have to hang on to each scrap of paper that you exchanged with your best friend from high school. Save the memories that really mean something to you and let go of the rest. And make an active decision to never get stuck in the past.

3. Instruction manuals

Open that chaotic drawer and throw away the manuals of the appliances that you no longer have. Why hang on to them?

4. Sort through your Tupperware and plastic bags

You don’t need so many pieces of Tupperware, especially ones that are broken or lidless. And don’t hang onto all of those plastic bags. Instead, try to reuse them and reduce your plastic use.

5. Clothes and shoes

As for clothes and shoes, there’s serious business to attend to. Donate the articles that are still in good condition but you don’t use. Next, throw away anything you can’t use as rags and give away that skirt you love but never wear to a friend.

6. Magazines and board games

You don’t need a full set of magazines. If you have certain editions or pages that you want to keep, set them aside and recycle the rest. Next, if you have games or puzzles with missing pieces, throw them out as well. You don’t use them and detoxing your home will compensate for their loss with a healthy atmosphere and more space.

7. Cosmetic products

Sort through your cosmetic products. Get rid of samples that you never use as well as that mascara that’s dried out. And throw out that lip balm that you finished long ago. These products take up precious space and who knows what germs they could be harboring.

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8. Gifts

Gifts from your grandma. Or from your aunt, friend or anyone – you’re bound to have gifts that you don’t want. The practice of Feng Shui teaches the importance of surrounding yourself with objects that you like because they build comfort and good energy. You’re not still thinking about hanging on to that vase, right?


9. Dishware, jugs, and pans

Go through your dishware and throw out any broken plates. It’s another Feng Shui commandment – don’t keep broken things in your home if you want peace and prosperity. Unless you’re planning on making a lot of homemade jam, go to your kitchen and clean out all of those glass jars that you don’t need. While you’re at it, throw out your scratched pans once and for all.

They say that in order for something new to come, something old has to go. Want to fill your home with fresh energy? Give your home a detox.

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