Essentials for Decorating a Birthday Party

Become the perfect host and dazzle your guests with festive birthday party decor.
Essentials for Decorating a Birthday Party

Last update: 09 March, 2020

Birthday parties are some of the most common events celebrated around the world. It’s a joyful party where you’re surrounded by your best friends and family members to celebrate an unforgettable day. In this article, we’ll show you some of the essentials you need for decorating a birthday party.

Some people decide to hold their party in specialized locations, such as bars or in a restaurant. However, these places don’t offer the same warmth and hospitality that holding it at your own home can give.

Choosing the perfect spot for a birthday party

A garden party with a table ready

So what’s the first step, even before breaking out the party stuff? You need to choose the ideal spot in the house where you’re going to gather your guests together. Choosing this will depend on several factors, such as the number or age of your guests, and the time of year when you’ll be celebrating the party.

Several different rooms of the house might meet your requirements, but you’ll probably also need to give them a bit of a new touch to suit the festive theme. However, whichever room you choose should have the following characteristics for decorating a birthday party:

  • Spaciousness: if you’re going to be receiving a lot of guests, you’ll need to put them in a room that’s big enough. Avoid overcrowding, and leave some extra space to play games or for other activities.
  • Lighting: this is one of the essentials in a birthday party. Make sure it will be sufficient and constant, whether it be natural or artificial light.
  • Have two separate areas: the room you choose should have enough space to create two different areas. One will be for the food and games, and the other for your guests to converse and enjoy the party together.

It’s a good idea to create different areas if your guests are of different ages.

Birthday party essentials – decorating the table

Decorating a colorful birthday party table

There are of course many different ways to celebrate a birthday. However, whatever way you choose to hold the birthday party, the food is one of the essentials. With that in mind, the food table will be one of the main features of the decoration. In the first place, here are a few tips on choosing table linen:

  • In specialist party shops, you can find every kind of table linen and serviettes that you could imagine. Everything designed for this kind of party.
  • It’s recommendable to use paper serviettes. They are an economical resource that can also add to your chosen party decor theme thanks to the great variety of designs available.
  • You should choose table linen that will suit the theme of your party. For instance, the party decor will vary depending on whether it’s a party for a child or an adult.

What about the party plates and cups? These are essentials at a birthday party table. But don’t just stick to plain white plastic plates and cups. The key to success is to pay attention to the details that will make your birthday table unique.

On the other hand, another decorative resource at your disposal is a good table centerpiece. Often, centerpieces aren’t given the importance they deserve. However, a well-chosen centerpiece can give a distinguished and personal touch to your table.

Take special care not to use a centerpiece that’s too big, or too many decorations, or the table will look overcrowded.

Table centerpieces can be either purely decorative, with flowers for instance, or could include some type of food. For example, use flowers on stems made from sweets or small cakes.

Add a festive touch with decorative garlands

Garlands are among the essentials at a birthday party

Here’s another of the essentials for decorating your birthday party – decorative and colorful garlands. These are great for decorating a party since you can use them to dress up the room easily and simply.

They will also help you to create a joyful and original atmosphere for your birthday party. You can find all kinds of garlands in decor shops that will suit the decor theme, your preferences, and personality.

But did you know that you can also make your festive garlands? This, of course, is a cheaper option, and it will also add a personalized, unique touch. You can make DIY garlands with almost anything; you just need a bit of imagination.

Giant numbers for decorating

Giant balloon numbers for party decoration

The age of the birthday person can also become a decorative item. In reality, decorating with numbers is in right now. You can find them in any party items store with a multitude of different varieties. The most common are:

  • Balloon shapes
  • White cork
  • Decorated with paper flowers
  • Made with sweets and candies

This would be an ideal decoration for a birthday party. Use the numbers to decorate the walls, the doorway to the room or even the nibbles table.

Birthday party essentials – a photo booth

Colorful party decorations on sticks

Lastly, don’t forget to include a space for a photo booth. This will be the spot where your guests can take fun photos to remember the special day.

How can you design and create a photo booth? You just need a smooth wall where you can stick some balloons up, in an arch shape to create a fun garland effect. Try adding confetti or streamers to complete the happy, festive theme.

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