Using Striped Sofas to Decorate Your Living Room

The living room is where people spend most of their time at home. Getting a striped sofa will make it an even more attractive and unique space.
Using Striped Sofas to Decorate Your Living Room

Last update: 04 November, 2020

Some home decor items have improved a lot over the years. Trends may change but the essence is still there. Therefore, we’re going to look at striped sofas to decorate your living room. These are examples of elegance, originality, and sophistication.

When it’s time to furnish a room, people usually play it safe: plain colors, prints, formal designs, etc. However, there’s a wide range of furniture that can enliven your home.

You shouldn’t be stuck in the past. You must innovate. Bearing in mind that the sofa’s an essential component of the living room, the opportunity is there to choose one that opens up new aesthetic horizons.

What do stripes do in home decor?

A small striped sofa beside a table with flowers.

Walking into a room and finding a piece of striped furniture can awaken a certain intrigue. The design is simple but, visually, it’ll attract attention and makes you try to understand its relationship with the rest of the room.

There are two kinds of stripes: vertical and horizontal. The first creates an ascending feeling. It can even produce the impression of growth. The second offers more stability and creates a sensation of balance.

These aspects will be conditioned by the thickness of the lines. They can be thick or thin and evoke slenderness or simply a robust feeling. Also, vertical and horizontal lines can be combined on the same sofa.

A great way to enliven the living room!

Five types of striped sofas

A large sofa in a living room.

The color will be one of the aesthetic determiners of the sofa. The color composition of the room will depend on the color of the stripes. This has a direct influence on the harmony of the whole and on your own emotions. Let’s look at five types of sofa:

  1. Living rooms that are made up of earthy and white items should have a sofa that becomes the centerpiece. For this, reddish, salmon, or garnet stripes will provide a warm, cozy, and attractive feeling.
  2. If what you don’t want it to clash or create tension, a gray-white combination is a good option. It’s not going to be a distinguishing component since it’ll be subtle and fit perfectly into the room because of its neutral character.
  3. If you’re looking for something stronger, using black, beige, or white stripes shows more solidness and expressive force, especially if they’re vertical. In addition, it’s helpful if the colors around them are light.
  4. For something more peaceful, there are white and sky blue striped sofas, creating a peaceful and calm atmosphere. This gives the sofa a softer feel.
  5. Finally, don’t forget the option of using multi-colored stripes in complementary colors. In this way, you can combine cold and warm tones.

Retro striped sofas

A modern living room with some striped sofas.

There’s a decor trend that’s currently really popular – the retro style. So, what can stripes contribute?

It’s all about the shape of the sofa. It can have a more organic shape with wood adornments and knots however, if you want a more eighties appearance, these will have smoother and straighter lines.

As for the stripes, you can usually find a combination of white and radiant tones (lemon yellow, orange, bubble gum pink…). Without a doubt, this is a piece of furniture that stands out by itself and is the focus of the room.

It’s time to renew your living room’s image.

Bohemian style sofas

A very bright bohemian sofa.

So far you’ve seen different types of striped sofas, but we really want you to see a type that’s truly unique: the bohemian style.

It fits perfectly in environments that are alternative, daring, exotic, tropical, hippy, etc. Furthermore, it’s made up of numerous vertical stripes of different colors that don’t have a coherent relationship with each other.

In short, any of these options are great for your home. It’s important to understand the needs of the living room so you can choose the ideal sofa.

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The best place of every house is the living room, especially the sofas. Therefore, it's necessary to pamper it and always keep it impeccable.


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