A Radiant White Living Room

Try doing something different with your living room.
A Radiant White Living Room

Last update: 28 September, 2020

Would you like to opt for the elegance and versatility of a white living room? You’ll discover some ideas here.

As time goes by, styles come and go, but one color that never goes out of style is white. You can use it anywhere, but it’s most common in the living room. Do you know why? Because a white living room is a safe bet since it’s a neutral base that you can personalize with accessories, depending on the tastes and the interior design of your home.

Why would you favor a white living room?

A living room with white walls and sofa

A white living room is synonymous with peace, serenity, and of of course freshness. It’s the favorite of Nordic decor and Mediterranean style because it has an incredible capacity to provide visual spaciousness. It’s perfect for small places.

Creating a white atmosphere is like having a canvas to create space. It gives you the possibility of variety by changing the accessories or by changing the fabrics.

Ideas to decorate a white living room

A white room with gray footstools

Having a room that’s completely white is an option, but it’s recommendable to add some bits of color through the use of accessories and textiles, including flowers and plants and even paintings. So we’ll give you some tips below that work very well in living rooms.

White and natural colors

The color white looks great with earth tones and because of this, natural fibers as well. If you want to give a bohemian feel to your home, add some wooden furniture and wicker baskets to your living room.

When it comes to fabrics, combine the color of tiles. For example, beige or mustard will give you a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Another way to achieve this carefree and casual look is to use ethnic accessories. Although the idea isn’t to saturate the room, you can take a slight departure from white by using mud cloth or animal print fabrics.

A breath of Nordic in a white room

White room with blond wood

White is one of the colors of Scandinavian decor. It’s easy to follow the Nordic guidelines if you use straight lines and wooden furniture. If you also add some plants in clay pots or pots with a wicker cover. You’ll see a perfect result.

One more point – carpets are another one of the key elements of this type of interior design. In order to follow the Scandinavian principles, you can combine white with a wide selection of gray tones.

A modern white living room

A white room is versatile and can be a warm and rustic refuge as well as a modern space with industrial colors.

If you add metal to your accessories with black, you’ll see how you have a minimalist and urban feel.

An idea is to have both a metal coffee table and end tables. You’ll have a piece of futuristic inspiration. Another interesting suggestion is to find a designer lamp.

If you love colors

Do you want to make white the main color of your living room but find it difficult to give up the fun of color? One tip that always works is to combine it with pastel colors – blue, green, pink, and yellow. You can opt for using two or more different colors. The maximum should be three colors but be careful with their distribution.

For example, cushions and the carpet can stand out with prints in these tones and natural plants and flowers can contribute life to the atmosphere.

As you can see, people who have a white room have a treasure. It’s true and you can create as many combinations as your imagination lets you.