Suggestions for Decorating your Fridge with Vinyls

Does your fridge need a new look? Vinyls could be your new best ally!
Suggestions for Decorating your Fridge with Vinyls

Last update: 03 January, 2019

With the passing of time, domestic appliances such as the refrigerator can appear somewhat dated. That’s why decorating the fridge with vinyls has become a very economical option, that also makes it easy to renovate the appearance of this very important appliance.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house. Its distribution, decor and furnishings can make it a special place, or make it into the opposite.

Apart from the fact that trends change over time, the appearance of domestic appliances can age and become outdated. And, why fool yourself? Changing the fridge just because you don’t like it’s color anymore, or because it doesn’t combine with the decor you want to introduce, would be a waste of money if it’s still working perfectly.

If that’s the case and your fridge could do with a facelift, vinyl could be your best ally. In this article, you will find 4 suggestions for decorating your fridge with vinyls.

What is vinyl?

Vinyl is a material made from plastic called PVC that has an adhesive or a magnetic side, and the other side with a design or pattern.

Commonly vinyl was used for outside advertising such as posters, however more recently it’s become part of the world of interior decor.

Vinyl is a resistant material (lasts at least 5 to 7 years) and is very versatile since there are a plethora of designs available, and because you can install them on almost any surface.

Another aspect that’s made vinyl so popular is that it’s very easy to lay or install.

Choose a vinyl with geometric patterns to add a modern touch when decorating your fridge with vinyls

Vinyls for the fridge

As we explained above, the fridge is an important domestic appliance in the home. With the passing of time and continued use, wear and tear, the outside can deteriorate while the fridge is still working fine.

On the other hand, sometimes you might find yourself wanting to change your kitchen’s decor, but your fridge doesn’t match your new ideas.

In these two cases, vinyls can really become an excellent resource. Putting vinyls on your fridge will completely change its appearance. You also won’t have to spend much time or money.

Principally, there are two types of vinyls that you could try for your fridge:

  • Adhesive vinyls: they are characterized by a having a layer of PVC, where the design goes, and the other side is adhesive.
  • Magnetic: they fulfill the same decorative role as adhesive vinyls. The only difference is that on one side is the design and on the other side it’s magnetic. This type of vinyl is thicker and more resistant, and therefore more durable.

At the start we mentioned the huge variety of vinyls you can find on the market. You can find almost any design. These vary between geometric figures, solid colors, or even realistic images or the imitation of materials such as timber, marble or stainless steel.

Choose a design that's right for your decor when decorating your fridge with vinyls

4 suggestions for decorating your fridge with vinyls

Vinyl comes in a roll. Obviously, these can come in different lengths and widths.

  1. Our first recommendation is that you accurately measure your fridge to be able to choose the right size vinyl.
  2. In the second place, choose the type of vinyl you want. Adhesive or magnetic? The advantage of magnetic vinyl is that if you get tired of it it’s easier to remove. They are thicker and more durable. But if you want a more permanent solution adhesive vinyl is ideal.
  3. Regarding the design, we have to mention two things. Firstly, choose a design that will go perfectly with the decor in your kitchen. Choose colors that combine well and in a style that’s in accord with what you’ve already got. In that way, you’ll keep a harmonious theme throughout the kitchen. Secondly, if your fridge has some defects on the surface, choose a design that will help hide these scratches or dents. The best option would be to choose prints, patterns or a design that imitates some natural material such as timber or marble (with its veins). It’s not a good idea to place vinyl in a solid color on the fridge if you want to hide these imperfections.
  4. Lastly, we recommend that for decorating your fridge with vinyls, don’t go with the very first design you see. Visit several design/decor stores and look through various possibilities.
Add a splash of color when decorating your fridge with vinyls


Decorating your fridge with vinyls is a great option if you want to add something novel to the decor of your kitchen. It’s also ideal for if your fridge is looking a little worn or if it has some dents and imperfections.

Vinyl is a very affordable material, easy to use and take off. Without a doubt, if you use it, your fridge will look like new and your kitchen will feel renovated.