Wood in the Kitchen: Ideas for Decorating With Wood

Wood in the Kitchen: Ideas for Decorating With Wood

Last update: 24 December, 2018

Wood in the kitchen provides a lot of warmth and can be very homey. It creates an inviting space to cook in.

The kitchen is a room that has changed the most over time.

In the past, the kitchen used to be separate from the main building of the house.

In addition, it was also only a place to cook. Today, however, it’s become the center point of the house and where many memorable meetings with family or friends take place.

In this article, we’ll give you some ideas to make your wood-decorated kitchen the place where everyone wants to be.

We have a few recommendations:

The colors

Wood comes in many shades, and using wood in the kitchen is a way to make the space unique and different.

Therefore, whatever the tone of your kitchen, always look for elements that create a pleasing contrast.

We all want our kitchen and the wooden features to stand out and shine, rather than to be seen as a mixture of elements.

Remember that everything should look harmonious.

Choose a color palette (3 or 4 colors) that match the tone of the wood and try to tie all the elements into this color scheme. Follow this scheme and everything will be in harmony.

The size

Everyone knows that there are kitchens of all sizes and with different layouts. Therefore, you’ll need to adapt the decorative elements to the size of the kitchen.

Using wood in the kitchen generally creates the feeling of a large house or a country house kitchen.

However, nowadays kitchens tend to be smaller. Keep this in mind when considering the size of the decorative elements.

Remember that one of the principles of design is thinking about proportions. If your kitchen is small, don’t put in too many large elements because with overcrowd the space and make it smaller visually.

The style

There are many styles that use wood as the main material. For example, wood in the kitchen is common in rustic or classic styles. Other styles, such as Nordic, look to mix wood and other materials.

Using wood in the kitchen can create a homey feeling.

For your wood-filled kitchen to be perfect, keep the style in mind since you want to keep everything in the same scheme.

If your kitchen decor is rustic, consider vintage elements or those that evoke life in the countryside. For example, you could think about old pots for display.

If, however, the style is Nordic, look for elements in bronze and with straight lines and geometric shapes.

Once you’ve considered these general recommendations, we’ll now give you some elements that should definitely be part of your kitchen.

What is a must-have when using wood in the kitchen?

There are some details that make wood in the kitchen different from other kitchens, giving it that warm, cozy feeling. Obviously, everything will depend on the size, style, and color palette of your kitchen.

But you should always have…

A round clock

A clock in the kitchen is always helpful. It helps to make sure you’re on time and that you don’t burn what you’re baking.

A round clock is perfect for a wood-filled kitchen. Consider a large one, maybe with some metallic touches. Just be aware of the dimensions.

At least one picture of a rooster or farm animal

If you’re really going for the country farmhouse style, you can’t forget a kitschy mention of farm life with a picture or decorative element. This will give some warmth to your kitchen.


Lighting in the kitchen is also important.

For kitchens with lots of wood, hanging lamps should be conical or lantern shaped. If they are in a trio, even better.

Wood in the kitchen should be paired with the perfect lighting.

However, try to avoid tabletop lighting or lights underneath cabinets.


Including flowers with wood in the kitchen will be a total success. Wildflowers are a natural element that will combine perfectly with wood.

Choose wild bouquets in shades of orange, red, or yellow.

Some period elements

Introduce a decorative element that reminds of kitchens from the past. For example, a vintage kitchen scale or a copper pot or ladle. In addition, you could consider a metal basket for eggs or fruit.

Finally, add this element and you’ll have success using wood in the kitchen. The basket reminds us of life on a farm or in a country house.

You can also use this type of basket for lots of things, such as fruit, eggs, or corks of the wine bottles that you’re finished with.

Using wood in the kitchen can create a cozy feeling.

To finish off your wood-filled kitchen

These are just some of the many options you can use when putting wood in the kitchen.

It’s all about combining wood with other materials to make it stand out and enhance its beauty. However, avoid overdecorating with wooden elements as you don’t want to overdo it.