How Can You Choose a Table for Your Kitchen?

If you have the possibility of including a table in your kitchen, we recommend it 100%. It's a very useful item to have in the kitchen.
How Can You Choose a Table for Your Kitchen?

Last update: 24 January, 2020

The kitchen table is a very important item to have in this area of the house. It’s where the whole family can gather together for the main meal of the day. And it can also be useful when you’re cooking or for somewhere to put the shopping when you first get home from the supermarket. But how can you choose a good kitchen table?

A table in your kitchen can be an all purpose item, useful for almost anything you can think of. With that in mind, it should have certain essential characteristics that make it strong enough for whatever you need it for.

The size of the kitchen table

A small extension to the bench

What’s the most important characteristic you should take into account when you go to choose a kitchen table? Its size. You should choose a larger or smaller table depending on the size and space available in your kitchen.

The table should be of a size so as not to block where you need to walk in the kitchen or where you have to cook. That being said, before buying a table, you should measure the space you have for it. Also take into account the space that the chairs will take up.

Houses with big, spacious kitchens

What about kitchens in a U or an L shape, that tend to be larger and more spacious? The best option may be to place a rectangular table in the middle of the space so you can move freely around it in the kitchen.

Size of the table in smaller houses

In smaller kitchens, the square feet the table takes up will be more important. A round table can help to save space and can help with freedom of movement.

Another option if you don’t have much space is using an extendable or perhaps a folding table. That way, you’ll have the choice of extending the table or reducing it as you need to, or even putting it away. This will depend on how many people you have to seat, or the space you need at the time.

What material should you choose for the kitchen table?

Choose a hardy, low maintenance material

Here’s another aspect to think about when you want to choose a table for your kitchen. Consider what material it should be made of. There are many different materials you can find on the market these days.

In first place, you should get to know the different types of material available, and then think about your lifestyle. What if you have kids for instance? Glass topped tables or a table in natural timber are more fragile and can easily get damaged with kids around.

Maintenance and cleaning are other aspects to bear in mind when you go to choose the material for your kitchen table. Remember that this piece of furniture will be used daily. That’s why it would be a good idea to choose material that won’t need much maintenance and that will be easy to clean.

And another thing to think about. Make sure the table you choose will match the style of kitchen you have, as well as the general theme of the house.

What will you use it for?

A white themed kitchen with table and chairs

What you want to use the table for should also affect your choice. It’s not the same using a table just for eating, as using it additionally for cooking and chopping, to work at, or for the kids to play at. Closely related to the purpose of the table is the material that you choose, as we mentioned above.

Chairs to complement the table

Choose comfortable chairs and an easy to clean table for your kitchen

Don’t forget that the chairs are an inseparable part of a table. They should go with the style of table you choose. Most importantly, these chairs should be comfortable and take up as little space as possible. This will allow you to get as much use out of the kitchen space as you can.

Similarly, in smaller houses, we mentioned above that an extendable table would be a good option. Likewise, the same is true for the chairs. If you use folding chairs, you’ll be able to open them only when you need them.

Another option is to use stools. These are smaller than standard chairs, which means they’ll take up less space. They will usually fit right under the table. Stools are great for when you have guests over, and need more chairs than what you have.