Give Your Kitchen a New Look With Stainless Steel Paint

Give your kitchen a new look with stainless steel paint! You'll love the change, and your appliances will look brand new.
Give Your Kitchen a New Look With Stainless Steel Paint

Last update: 11 May, 2019

If you want to give your kitchen a new look, you don’t have to do any major renovations anymore. Nowadays, there are all kinds of materials just for this part of the house. One of the most versatile out there is liquid stainless steel, or stainless steel paint. 

Giving your appliances some color or bringing utensils back to their original shine can help you change your entire kitchen concept without a huge investment.

The characteristics of stainless steel paint

A bunch of spray paint cans with various top colors are bundled up in a small space, pictured from above.

The point of this kind of paint is to make the surfaces you use them on more long-lasting, and to protect their finish. It’s most common with kitchen appliances, but some people also use it for bathroom furniture or in their garage.

Stainless steel paint generally comes as a spray or in containers just like regular paint. The best way to find it is to just ask in the stores in your area, because it doesn’t look very distinct.

This kind of paint is a great option for metal surfaces, especially if you want to hide the wear and tear, or general dirtiness. You can also use it on other materials like wood, but it’s best with steel surfaces

With just a few drops here  and there, you’ll be able to keep your appliances from rusting, and adding a colorful touch. But we just want to be clear: this paint won’t remove any rust that was already there.

If you’re going to use it on utensils or appliances that aren’t in a good state, you should deal with that first. For example, if there’s any rust on the surface, you should get rid of as much of it as possible before you use the paint.

On the other hand, if you’re going to use it on a surface that’s not completely smooth, you should also try to deal with that beforehand. The paint will stick to the material however it comes, so any bumps and nicks will still show up.

The proper way to use it with appliances and utensils

A kitchen with a wood floor and vintage metal appliances is seen at an angle that shows cabinets, dishwasher, stove, and fridge (which are painted sky blue).

Changing your kitchen’s look with stainless steel paint is definitely something you can do on your own. The process isn’t too complicated. The main thing to do before you start is make sure your appliances are made of metal. 

If most of your utensils aren’t metal, this might not be the best paint option. Keep in mind, there are hard plastics nowadays that look like metal. Don’t get them mixed up.

To properly apply your stainless steel paint, you can follow the same basic instructions as you would with an oil-based paint. Water-based paints tend to behave much differently.

What this means for you is that you need to make sure the surface isn’t damp or dirty for the paint to stick properly.

You should also use a high-quality paint brush to avoid leaving any blemishes on the surface. Stainless steel paint is relatively delicate, so you want to use as high-quality a brush as possible.

It’s a good idea to buy a couple of them, too. If you apply two or more coats of paint, the brush might harden while you wait for the first to dry. One good trick to prevent that is to soak it in kerosene.

Styles with lots of color for your new kitchen

A kitchen with wooden floors at an angle that we can see its metal stove, white cabinets, and red refrigerator, painted with stainless steel paint.

Having an option like this for adding some color to your kitchen will open up a lot of decorative possibilities. It might even feel like too many. It’s definitely not a good idea to start painting your appliances without a clear vision of what you want.

Choosing a style that goes well with your personality or the environment you’re trying to create is the first step. Don’t complicate things for yourself by buying paint before you know what colors you want and for which things. 

One option if you have a kitchen with lots of wood is to add some light and make the other furniture the focus. In this case, one good option is to paint the appliances white so they don’t have an industrial look.


Getting rid of that metallic effect will give your kitchen a rustic, traditional look and help the wooden cabinets stand out. It’s a subtle choice, with some great visual results.


If you want to fill your life, and your kitchen, with color, there are many options with stainless steel paint. For example, you can create a “pop” kitchen with bright colors like crimson, neon blue, or egg yolk yellow. 


If you want a sense of modernity and sophistication, you can get that with a two-color style. Here, you’ll use black furniture and red, brown, or white appliances.

So, how does this all sound? If you’re looking to change your kitchen and have metal appliances, stainless steel paint could be perfect for you!

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