Create a Cozy Office Space in Your Kitchen

If you have enough space in your kitchen, we suggest creating a small office area. It'll be so helpful!
Create a Cozy Office Space in Your Kitchen

Last update: 04 March, 2019

If you’ve always dreamed about having a cozy, casual space in your kitchen, start looking for a spot to create a small office space. Breakfast corners, big or small, are the perfect way to make the most of extra kitchen space.

In today’s post, we have ideas on creating an office space in your kitchen. You could create a perfect breakfast corner with just a small table and a couple of chairs. Or, you could use benches with built-in storage, making the area great for storage as well.

Kitchens bring families together. They harbor those moments that we spend time together, either before or after a busy day. These days, kitchens mainly serve as a practical space, but don’t settle for just cooking there. A small office space can transform the kitchen into one where you truly enjoy spending time.

Look for an office space

office space 1

Look for a small space in your kitchen. It should be a spot where you can sit down and have breakfast, read or have a coffee and relax at the end of the day. We might have a preconceived notion that offices are fast-placed places where we eat our meals and get back to work. But they don’t have to be like that.

The perfect spaces are next to windows or a glass door that open to nice views and natural light. If you don’t have a window, you can always decorate the wall or corner of your office space by painting it a different color, using a cute outlet cover or hanging up pictures of nature.

Select good furniture

Many of us make the mistake of thinking that dining tables are the most important pieces of furniture. But you should actually be more selective with your chairs. Nothing’s worse than chairs that are so uncomfortable that diners would rather get up and leave than casually converse after a meal.

Even if you have space, you’re better off renouncing a bigger table that could fit four or five people and instead, looking for nice chairs, or even armchairs, that recline and invite diners to chat after eating.

office space 2

Office spaces look beautiful with a set of wooden benches with comfortable cushions on top and an armchair. If you need to use a small table to fit the set, you can always use a wheeled side table to make the space even cozier.

Organize your office space

Try adding a small shelving unit to organize your hand-held electric appliances and breakfast or end-of-the-meal tableware. Use it to store a small coffeemaker, toaster, coffee cups, etc. It’ll help you free up your kitchen and counter space that you’d normally need for cooking.

If you want to use wooden benches, consider models that include a storage compartment underneath the seating. You won’t believe how much they can store. If you thought that a small office space or eating corner would take up your precious storage space, you’ll be happy to know it won’t!

Decorate with style

office space 3

Dress up this little corner as if it were a formal dining room. Add nice lighting; use a ceiling lamp and indirect light as well with an auxiliary lamp. Upholster your chairs or the seating of your benches however you want. Add matching cushions and plants. A little ratan detail in these kinds of settings looks gorgeous.

Mark out the area with a nice rug and bring out your sets of tablecloth and napkins for your most eventful meals. When you’re browsing dishware, think about how much you can use it every day. You can find all kinds of practical tableware these days that don’t skimp out on design.

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