4 Kitchen Counters from Leroy Merlin

Are you remodeling or building a new kitchen? Here are four counters you can find at Leroy Merlin stores. So much variety!
4 Kitchen Counters from Leroy Merlin

Last update: 23 November, 2018

Below we’ll go over different counter options available at Leroy Merlin. It might not seem like it, but counters can make or break a kitchen. We’re going to focus on the ones you can find at Leroy Merlin because they come with a two-year warranty.

Solid wood counters

Solid wood kitchen counters are great for a natural touch. If you’re looking for a natural style in your home, then you’ll want natural materials like plants, and wood. That goes for the kitchen too!

These counters are also durable and often resistant to stains and scratches. However, to maintain their durability, you’ll have to treat the wood to nourish it and make it water-resistant. That’s the one downside to wood counters – they need attention. But if you look after them neither heat nor moisture will damage your counters.

At Leroy Merlin, you’ll find beech, acacia, oak, and bamboo counters. Learn about the properties of each before choosing. They come in sizes from 200 to 250 centimeters, and the price will vary depending on the thickness (from 2.6 to 3.8 centimeters).

Wood counter / leroymerlin.es


Laminate kitchen counters come in two finishes – matte (the most common) or glossy. This is a durable material, though heat may affect it. It’s also easy to clean; all you need is soap and water.

As you’ll see on the website there are many new kinds of laminate countertops available. They also come in many different sizes. Like all kinds of counters, you’ll have a wide variety of prices and quality to choose from. You’re sure to find something you like.

Laminate counters / leroymerlin.es

Composite wood counters

Composite wood kitchen counters are made of pieces of wood fiber and resin pressed together. This is then covered with a decorative laminate – either a stone or wood finish (less common).

They’re much less expensive than custom-made counters. There are two universal sizes: 180 and 360 centimeters. Like any other kind of countertop, the prices of these will depend on the measurements.

Wood composite counter / leroymerlin.es

Custom-made Leroy Merlin counters

Leroy Merlin offers custom-made kitchen counters. How does it work? First, you’ll need a professional to measure up, which may have a cost. Remember you can find the approximate price online. However, we recommend asking about it in store too.

The materials will be either granite or quartz, and the finishes may include:

  • Polished: this finish is shiny like a mirror.
  • Vintage: here, the stone keeps its natural look and is finished to look antique. It feels nice and smooth.
  • Satin: this is a matte finish, smooth and soft.

The thickness may range from 1 to 3 centimeters. While it shouldn’t be too hard to find something that fits your budget, you should be aware that custom-made granite or quartz counters are the most expensive.

Custom-made counters / leroymerlin.es

Conclusion on kitchen counters

As you can see, Leroy Merlin offers a wide variety of kitchen counters, so it should be easy to find something that fits the image you have of the perfect kitchen. The same thing goes for the price. Finding the right countertop is just a matter of searching and comparing.

Don’t forget that the prices on the website are just to give you an idea; you’ll have to go to the store to get exact prices. Again, they’ll also depend on the material, finish, and thickness.

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