2 Faucets That Filter and Mineralize Water

Faucets are becoming more advanced. Some models even purify and mineralize water in addition to featuring temperature and carbonation options.
2 Faucets That Filter and Mineralize Water

Last update: 25 March, 2019

Many families use a separate water filter that sits next to their kitchen faucet. These systems can be helpful, but they can also get in the way if you have a small kitchen. In response to that problem, the newest developments in the sector feature faucets that filter and re-mineralize water. All you do is fill your cup up with water and it’s ready to drink!

Benefits of faucet water filters

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Isn’t it great that you can just turn the kitchen faucet and fill your glass with water that’s already filtered and re-mineralized? So many people waited for something like thing to become a reality, especially those living in areas where water has high levels of alkaline or fails health standards.

Thanks to these new faucets, we don’t have to lug around and store bottles of water anymore. And the environment will thank you for reducing your plastic intake as well.

On a further note, faucets with built-in filters mean no more bulky re-mineralizing machines that take up counter space.

With a faucet water filter, you and your family will be able to enjoy water directly from the faucet and use it to cook or wash food products. Some models even include an additional magnesium filter to ensure that the water receives its benefits.

How do these purifying and re-mineralizing faucets work?

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One of its biggest advantages is temperature control. These faucets include an external part that works as a sort of small refrigerator underneath the sink.

All you need to do is set the temperature to enjoy room temperature water for cooking or cold water for drinking.

The water is stored in a 5-liter tank. The tank follows a five-step filter process to purify and re-mineralize water to remove any tastes, odors, and impurities.

You always can opt for using regular tap water, not purified, to do the dishes or cook. To do so, just flip the switch and done. Filtered and regular tap water never mix because they come from separate systems.

2 faucet water filters

Currently, there is only one German company that sells these products and offers two models:

1. Grohe Blue Pure

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The Grohe faucet offers fresh filtered water whenever you want it. The LED screen lights up indicating the kind of water, filtered or regular tap, in use. It also notifies you when it needs a filter change (which lasts 12 months and has a 600-liter capacity.)

The tubes for the filtered and tap water are completely separate, meaning that re-mineralized water stays pure and clean. This technology purifies regular tap water and also cools it as well.

2. Grohe Blue Chilled & Sparkling

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The Blue Chilled & Sparkling is the second available model that is even more innovative: it features carbonated water! It comes in various options, which are all indicated on the handle: flat water (blue light), lightly carbonated water (turquoise) and fully carbonated water (green).

Just change the dial to chose what you want. And that’s not all: you can also set the temperature between 4º to 10º C. For example, you could enjoy colder water during the summer and warmer water during the winter.

If you want to use regular tap water, just turn the knob and choose regular tap water. It’s one system that does it all!

These high-tech faucets that purify, filter and re-mineralize water are the latest thing. They’re perfect for homes with children, people seeking higher life quality or homes that don’t have the counter space to spare for a separate water filter. It’s truly revolutionary for kitchens!

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