The Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Bio Fireplace

Are you an environmental ally? Well then, you have to learn more about these amazing fireplaces! They don't contribute to climate change, and they look great.
The Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Bio Fireplace

Last update: 19 March, 2019

People used to just use it as decoration, but the bio fireplace has become extremely popular in recent years. This is because it has some major benefits over traditional wood fireplaces.

In this article, we’re going to tell you how they work and some of the pros to having one. We’ll also give you some info to keep in mind before you rush to install one.

The characteristics of a bio fireplace

ethanol fuel

Bio fireplaces also go by the names bio-ethanol fireplace and ethanol fireplace. When they first became popular some years back, people had them more because they looked great as decoration than to actually use them as a heating system.

People still use them for decorative purposes now, but they’re also becoming more popular for heating because of all the ways they’re better than traditional fireplaces.


They don’t necessarily look that different from old-school fireplaces, but as you’ll see below, they have some qualities that will definitely make you opt for one of these instead.

Environmental respect and protection

bio fireplace in a living room

Bio-fireplaces are very eco-friendly and don’t pollute at all. This is because they use ethanol for fuel. On top of that, one of the most interesting things about them is that they don’t produce smoke. Ethanol is a much cleaner fuel than wood, and doesn’t create a huge mess, either.


bio fireplaces are easy to install

A bio fireplace doesn’t need a chimney or electricity. You also won’t need to do any work on your house to install it, unlike with traditional fireplaces.

In fact, they’re super simple to install and you can basically pick any part of the house to put yours in. And guess what? They’re super easy to maintain, too. They don’t make the mess of a traditional chimney because they don’t create ash.

All you really have to do is make sure that it doesn’t run out of ethanol and fill it up with a funnel when it’s running low.

Greater heat output

minimalist fireplace decor

Like we just mentioned, a bio fireplace doesn’t need a chimney. That also means that it’s much much better at retaining heat because there are less places for the heat to escape. So, whatever room you put it in will stay much more consistently warm. 

It does depend a bit on what model of bio fireplace you pick out, but they generally consume half of what a traditional fireplace does, and generate twice the energy and heat.

Things to keep in mind

copper accessories for fireplaces

As you can see, there are tons and tons of benefits of choosing a bio fireplace over a traditional one. But there are also some things you need to think about before you make your final choice. Firstly, bio fireplaces can be expensive, and not everyone can afford them. Bio-ethanol tends to be very expensive.

A lot of people choose to use a different heating system to cover their house’s needs, and just use their bio fireplace when they want to be extra warm. This keeps the price from skyrocketing and still allows them to enjoy their fireplace.

This one is very important: ethanol is highly flammable. You absolutely must take precautions and always use your fireplace in the correct way.

The last thing to keep in mind is that this kind of fireplace won’t heat your whole house, just the part it’s in. You’ll need to have another heating system to cover your whole house.

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