6 Ideas to Transform Your Home for Less Than $50

We bring you some ideas to transform your home without investing large amounts. Your environment will have a different feel with just these small gestures.
6 Ideas to Transform Your Home for Less Than $50

Last update: 27 April, 2021

There comes a point where everything is boring and no matter how much you fix and organize your home, you need to renew it. But what happens when you don’t have enough budget to do a reform? This is where these ideas to transform your home come into play.

The best thing is that with only $50 you can liven up your home environment, without the need for reforms. Yes, you can make these changes without paying a professional. Discover how easy it is to give your spaces a new look.

Some ideas to transform your home

Things to paint at home

Get to work to give your home that new touch that you want. The budget is $50 – here’s how to keep on track.

1. Paint

We invite you to paint a wall in a striking color and add moldings.

Choose a wall that attracts attention. It could be at the back of the sofa or the headboard of the bed. You’ll see how the look and feel of the room are completely transformed. This is also an excellent option for a hall, as it gives it a lot of presence and energizes the environment.

2. Mirror, mirror

The bathroom is one of the areas that requires the most investment when transforming it. One of the suggestions that we have for you is to change the mirror in which you look at yourself every morning.

You’ll be surprised to know that there is a wide range of styles for less than $50. Take a look at IKEA or Amazon… you’re sure to find the perfect mirror for you.

3. Ideas to transform your home – a stylish bookcase

Including a new piece of furniture in your home decor is a good way to change a room. There are some amazing shelves for less than your budget.

Decorate your shelves with the most beautiful books you have, place some pots with succulents and let them shine. Add a small table lamp and voila! Enjoy the transformation.

4. Redistribute accessories

We’ve already told you about the important role that accessories play in decorating a house. They are capable of giving life, color and character to any space. We’re not going to tell you to invest in changing the cushions, the ornaments, the vase, the paintings… that would be too much.

What you can do is buy a special piece and change the rest of the area. What you have on a side table, put it on the center table and take what you have in the hall to the dining room. You’ll be surprised by the result.

Bamboo table

5. Ideas to transform your home – new lamps

Lighting also plays a fundamental role in any environment. The intensity, the design of the lamps, the color… everything counts to create unique environments.

If you search the Internet you’ll find some beautiful ceiling lamps at below $50. Change the one in the dining room, the office or the old one you have in your bedroom.

6. New textiles in the kitchen

One of the great forgotten rooms is usually the kitchen. When was the last time you changed the dish rags? Surely it’s been so long that you don’t even remember!

Try changing them for beautiful ones that match. Maria Tigela has incredible designs for the kitchen, from textiles to wooden or stone tables, butter dishes, and spoons full of charm.

With these ideas to transform your home, you don’t need to invest a lot of money and the result will be truly spectacular. Go little by little, change one space and then continue with another, so you have the feeling of having carried out a reform.

These are small and subtle modifications that will give more dynamism to those areas that you are bored of. Have you come up with any more ideas?

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