Brilliant Ideas to Create an Arty Wall

Do you know what an arty wall is? When you find out you won't be able to resist and you'll want to create one right away!
Brilliant Ideas to Create an Arty Wall

Last update: 09 December, 2020

If you’re in a new home either because you just moved or because you recently renovated, beyond the furniture, the walls are authentic forms of expression that, sometimes, are often difficult to decorate. But don’t fret! What about letting your imagination run wild and creating an arty wall?

You can turn it into a space that represents your favorite colors and shapes while honoring your memories or artistic expressions. Do you want to transform a wall?

The keys to creating an arty wall

Paintings on a wall.

If you follow these expert tips, your walls will pop in no time. Especially the living room area, which is a blank canvas you can add touches of your personality to.

Before you start making the ideas in your mind come to life, take a measuring tape, and mark out the area and the space you’ll leave between each work of art. These are the standard measurements:

  • At least two inches of separation between each frame.
  • They should be at eye level. Therefore, you can mark a point at that level and make the paintings revolve around it.
  • If you have a painting that’s less than 30 inches high, it should hang above eye level.
  • If you’re going to hang a picture over a piece of furniture, measure the distance between it and the ceiling and leave some space for it.

The steps to creating an arty wall

1. Mix and match. Estimate how many pictures fit on the wall you want to transform and play around with different formats.

2. Choose the main feature. One of the paintings must be the star of the show. It’s usually the biggest one. A great idea is to hang it over the sofa, not necessarily in the center, and hang the others around it. Below, we share some ideas on how to hang your paintings. Get inspired!

3. The color palette. To create harmony, it’s important to make sure that the paintings are in the same color palette. Here’s a helpful tip. Avoid hanging those that are darker together, as it’ll make the room look gloomy and dark. Alternate dark paintings with other more vivid ones.

4. The perfect frame. You should choose a frame that goes well with the painting. Each material conveys a sensation. In fact, you can mix and match different frames, as long as you don’t use more than four different ones on a single wall. Otherwise, your living room will look chaotic and cluttered.

Four paintings on a wall.

Let’s talk about the frames on an arty wall

Golden frames. If you want to add a classic and glamorous touch, this is the best choice. But remember that you shouldn’t overdo it. What about this one from IKEA?

Wooden frames. Ideal for those who like the Nordic style, especially if it’s light-colored, like this one from Kave Home. If your home is rustic, dark or aged wood will go well with the decoration.

White or black frames. If you want to highlight the paintings themselves and the wall is white, it’s best to choose a minimalist frame. This way, you’ll achieve an elegant and light result.

You can add other elements

If you want to create an arty wall, you can also opt for other decorative elements. Although they’re usually the most common, you can also decorate a blank wall with signs, photographs, or decorative elements.

You can choose a theme and hang different items that are related to it. For example, if you’re a fan of pop art, select a poster as the central point and add things such as toys and other colorful items that represent this style.

Creating an arty wall at home can be a fun and creative decoration activity. Just take these tips into account and let your creative juices flow!

Paintings, photos, signs, objects… anything goes. Remember that the most important thing is to find a balance between harmony and personal taste.

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