Learn to Take Care of Succulent Plants

Add succulents to your home!
Learn to Take Care of Succulent Plants

Last update: 30 December, 2020

Learn some basic keys to take care of succulent plants and fill your house with beautiful shapes and vibrant colors.

Succulents are so lovely and different and they’re one of the most popular decorating elements these days. To enjoy them for longer, we’ll give you some tips on how to care for them.

They take up little space and after learning what they need, you’ll find that they last for a very long time. You’ll want to scatter them around your house alongside your other items. What do you think?

How to care for succulents

This type of plant has become a trend. However, not many people know that it does need special care that isn’t at all like that for other plants.

Succulents belong to the cactus family and growing them is very different from other species. First, you have to choose the substrata and fertilizer that is used with succulents.

The care of succulent plants

Put your garden gloves on to help your succulent plants grow to be beautiful and strong. At the same time, you’ll prevent them from getting a disease or becoming deformed.

Remember that succulents need very little water

Water requirements are reduced because succulents can absorb the moisture from their environment and retain it in their leaves as well as in the stems and roots.

Thanks to this, they’re plants that can live in glass containers without any soil to anchor them. This is a nice decor option that will add a chic touch to any of your rooms.

Their capacity to store moisture makes excess watering one of the most frequent problems and the most lethal. Because of this, even during the hottest months, water once a week when temperatures are low.

Succulents need a lot of light

Light builb with succulent plants

Succulents require an abundant amount of light all year. However, you should be careful not to expose them to direct sunlight that could actually kill them, especially in the summer.

Because the sun makes their water reserves evaporate, it’s impossible for them to adequately hydrate.

There’s a tip that allows you to identify if your succulents have too much or too little light. As an example, if their leaves are reddish. This means that they are burning. If their leaves are losing color, this means that they need more light.

Good drainage is basic for succulent plants

Take special care not to waterlog them since this could cause the roots to rot. It’s best to put them pots that have drainage and a small plate underneath for excess water.

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What’s the best soil for succulents?

They don’t need soil that’s especially rich in minerals since they can even grow among stones, on tree bark, and in poor conditions. Despite this, the best choice is sand or a cactus substrate which you can find in Leroy Merlin.

As you’ve seen, succulents don’t need special care, only you do need to know how to water them and place them in areas where the sun won’t burn them.

Succulents are gorgeous, with their geometric shapes and flowers, and can transform an area.