Decorating Trends that You Thought Would Never Return

Try making the old new!
Decorating Trends that You Thought Would Never Return

Last update: 11 August, 2020

These are only some of the decorating trends that you thought would never return. Nevertheless, they have, but they have been reinvented and transformed. As a result, your house can be a place full of inspiration.

They say that every style comes back since they’re always inspired by the past. At the same time, styles change and update from the original. Of course, there are decorating trends that you thought would never return and today we’re going to look at those, including ones you love. So take out your grandparents’ photo album and look at their home. Surely there’s more than one thing you’d like to revive!

Looking in the memory trunk

All of those things that were in your grandmother’s house and that you swore you’d never put in your house have turned into the most trendy objects.

Terrazo, wicker furniture, paver stones, and even gotelé, which is a mottled finish, are some of the items that decorate 21st-century homes. We give these items from the past an opportunity to be in corners of your home.

Cast iron radiators

An antique radiator painted black

We love these! Older houses make these radiators part of the decor and they end up looking great. When trends became more modern, aluminum radiators were popular and were for sale. So, if you’re a fan of vintage things, we’re sure that these are pieces that you’d like to have in your home.

Examples of use of terrazo


Yes, that material that seemed so horrendous is one of the decorative trends that you thought would never return.

Today, terrazzo has transformed into one of our favorite finishes and comes in very polished styles. What’s more, it’s available in a great selection of colors instead of the typical black and white. You can find it on kitchen counters, floors, walls, and even printed on fabric and paper for home accessories all over the house.

Glass blocks

Glass blocks in various colors

glass blocks/

At the beginning of the century, these glass blocks in the shape of a square were an obsession for people updating their houses. They were the perfect area separators that gave a room light.

After a time, they became less popular. However, today they’ve returned and offer color and zing to give shape for walls.

The details of crochet

Examples of crochet showing decorating trends

Our grandmothers spent a lot of time crocheting. The results have turned into one of the decorating trends that you thought would never return.

People who like the boho style adore crochet, because of the thought of creating something yourself, the artsy details, and tradition. If you decide to give crochet a try, you’ll find that it’s an effective anti-stress therapy.

A bedroom with a wicker container on the nightstand beside it.

In our wish to be more respectful to the earth, we search for sustainable alternatives as much for style as for decorating trends and diet.

Wood, wicker, natural fibers, and stone are materials that have become more and more popular. You can use them to decorate every corner of our home.

The hydraulic floor

Color patterns to use on the floor, a decorating trend

Lovers of interior design love theses hydraulic tiles that have modern designs. They offer a lot of ideas for any part of the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen.

It’s easy to find them in old houses. But don’t worry, there are a lot of options on the market that are economical and easy to fit. So you can follow a very popular trend.

A man who is sanding a piece of furniture
Refinished furniture can be an antique door that is transformed into a dining room table or a rickety china cabinet. You can give these pieces a second chance. Refinished furniture is a trend. So take a look in your grandparents’ house because you can find some real treasures.

Check out these ideas to restore and refinish old furniture.

Old dishes

Antique dishes sitting on a table as a decorative trend

When people used to set the table with theses fancy dishes, you probably believed that it was one of those decorating trends that would never return. Wrong! The aesthetic of shabby chic has rescued porcelain to give our tables a super elegant touch.

Why not give a new life to things and make your house the ultimate home?