Zebra Print for Home Decor

Bring elegance into your home while breaking through the mold with zebra print.
Zebra Print for Home Decor

Last update: 26 December, 2019

In our post today, we want to show you home decor ideas with zebra print. Zebra print is black and white, making it an alternative option to the normal colors we see in homes. It creates a dynamic and fresh look.

Most people opt for solid colors in their decor. Some even try neutrals for perfect harmony. But you have to take risks and try new decor ideas. Why limit yourselves to the usual and typical ideas?

Zebra print is new and exciting. It breaks through the tried and true. You can use it to change the dynamics of your decor for a perfect new setting.

Beautiful rugs

zebra print rugs

First things first, we want to make it clear that zebra rugs don’t have to be authentic. Instead, they can be prints that are inspired by zebra skin.

You can try a rectangular or square rug to draw eyes and create a sophisticated atmosphere. It can give your room a more exotic and creative feel. In short, a zebra rug can kiss goodbye classic decor and open the doors to new possibilities.

You can also find imitation zebra skin rugs that have the same shape as well. Zebra print is also an option for carpet, which works great for public spaces like bars or restaurants.

Use a zebra print rug in your living room to give the decor a special detail.

Armchairs, seats, and pillows

zebra print chairs

You can also find this pattern on furniture pieces. It can really change a living room that would otherwise have conventional furniture pieces.

  • Zebra print can line couches or armchairs to create something completely original. They’ll certainly be the centerpieces of the room.
  • Or, you can use zebra print for smaller seating options as well. While they won’t draw as much attention as a couch or armchair, the room will enjoy a newfound elegance.
  • If you want to apply zebra print to a smaller area, try pillows. Pillows can give you a bold pop of detail without transforming your entire decor.

Make sure to avoid overwhelming your spaces with zebra print. Instead, try one of these three ideas and complement it with the surrounding decor.

Wall art

zebra print wall art

You can also turn to pictures or art that depict zebras. They’re simple figurative representations that show the animals in their natural habitat.

But you’re not limited to pictures. Zebra print actually offers you a lot of decor options. For example, try using the print on a canvas without any figurative elements like a head or body to create something more graphic. Or try using several pieces to create a set.

Give your home decor a well-deserved change. 

Covering with zebra print

zebra print walls

If you want to cover a piece of furniture with a zebra pattern, just throw on a blanket. Try a big velvet blanket as it could mimic the original texture or zebra skin.

You can also cover a wall with a vinyl decal. Decals offer so much variety and can be a fantastic way to add color, dynamism, and energy to a room. Just apply the stripes or stick on a decal of the entire animal.

Step up and try a bold zebra print. It’s the best way to give your home something different and elegant at the same time.

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