A Home Inspired by Out of Africa - 100% Wild Decor

Today, we're going to pull together a home decor inspired by Out of Africa. Here, the world's wilder side comes together with delicate English details from the 20s. Ready for an adventure?
A Home Inspired by Out of Africa - 100% Wild Decor

Last update: 16 September, 2019

Can you imagine a home inspired by Out of Africa? We want to give you the key tips for filling your home with subtle details and materials bursting with a natural essence.

While we’re not here to talk about Karen von Bilxen-Finecke’s novel nor the silver screen production starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, we want to draw inspiration from this incredible story to talk about the African decor style. So, how about a home that evokes the ambiance of Out of Africa?

Let’s take a trip to Africa

Out of Africa trip

If you think about African decor, a flurry of decor styles might come to mind. They could range from animal print, tribal adornments, geometrical patterns or natural materials all the way to sophisticated colonial decor. Colonial decor is bursting with luxurious details that match perfectly with the wilder side of life.

Out of Africa inspired home decor – colonial style

Take a trip back to the setting of the novel and you’ll find yourself in the 20s when English colonies were powerful and brought their lifestyle and customs to new lands.

Settlers needed to conserve their decor customs and sought out local artisans to create furniture similar to their old pieces back at home, but with local materials: natural fibers, animal skins, and furs in addition to tropical woods. Of the tropical woods, settlers prized mahogany, teca or wenge the most.

How can you bring the essence of Africa into your home?

If you want to create a home decor that sings Out of Africa, check out our simple tips. They’ll take you on a journey to a country full of nature, plant life, simplicity, charm, mysticism and wisdom. Let’s look at how to create wild home decor.

The colors

Out of africa colors

For a home that’s inspired by Out of Africa, we have to say that the basics are white, brown, mustard yellow and all earthy colors. The colors range from deep reds to light beige. But the key is to keep everything as simple and natural as possible. In addition, avoid bright or cool colors.

Your walls should always be white to balance out the rest of the colors that will decorate the floors or accessories. Small doses of black can also help highlight certain elements.

Out of Africa home decor: textures

Out of Africa home decor textures

As we mentioned earlier, natural fibers are imperative for this kind of decor. They’ll greatly define the textures that you’ll use to decorate your home.

Rustic, rough and heavy fabrics work together with other lighter ones. The first group of fabrics is ideal for rugs, decorative pillows or wall tapestries. Meanwhile, lighter fabrics will work well for bedding or curtains.

Here’s an extra tip: a four-poster bed with a thin, transparent canopy will transport you directly to Africa.

Plenty of fiber

Out of Africa

Use natural fibers all throughout your home in details like wicker light fixtures, jute poofs or sisal baskets. These materials give settings a casual feel that’s elegant at the same time, which is perfect for a Bohemian decor.

If you want to know more about natural fibers, check out this post.

Out of Africa home decor: accessories

Out of Africa natural fibers

Even though this decor style comes from a continent full of wildlife, you can’t forget the delicate European details that create special settings that are full of warmth.

Flax and ivory tones fill spaces with peace while wooden stools with wicker details will create the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea. Of course, serve it with a porcelain tea set on top of a tray with metal details.

An Out of Africa home decor is peaceful. It creates a setting where rustic and elegant decor come together to form an intimate  atmosphere. Ready to bring it home?

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