Stunning Photos of Tribal People for Wall Decor

The unique experiences that everyone lives will give the photos a special, personal meaning.
Stunning Photos of Tribal People for Wall Decor

Last update: 24 August, 2019

People who’ve traveled to faraway lands on a different continent tend to have meaningful life experiences. Thus, upon returning home many travelers decorate their homes with photos of tribal people.

The simplicity and contrasts that life holds in those destinations is a priceless treasure. And photos of tribes and their people are a small memory of those amazing places where urban materialism and what we know to be domestic becomes irrelevant.

Plus, photos of tribal people have a mysterious charm. The deep stares looking back at us transmit a one-of-a-kind feeling. As a result, the photograph invites us to contemplate and dig deeper than what meets the eye.

Some people use these photos for purely artists purposes and they admire them as a work of professional photography or of a personal portfolio.

Do you have to trace back to the origins?

Meanwhile, some others love these artistic expressions without ever having stepped foot in an area where tribes live.

These admirers are mostly drawn by the elements that characterize a tribe: color palettes, shapes, textures, and landscapes. Or, they might connect the image to a certain concept instead: freedom, spirituality, etc.

Just African tribes?

Though the photos of African tribes tend to be more popular as decor pieces, they’re not the only ones available. You can also look into photos of Native Americas (from North, Central or South America) and the Aboriginals of Australia or other places.

The basics for decorating with photos of tribal people

tribal people basics
  • Recreating the original place of the photos. This first idea aims to connect the photo to its surroundings by using elements such as sculptures, textiles, vases, masks, ceramics, accessories, traditional wear (partial or complete outfits), certain types of plants, etc.
  • Creating intimate yet high-end settings. On the other hand, this idea looks for a balance between rustic objects and designer accessories that, of course, have a tribal feel to them.

Important things to consider

Once you know which decor trend you want to follow, consider the following:

  • Size. You have to find the best place for your photos depending on their size: try leaning them against a wall or hanging them on a bare wall. Or, place them next to a piece of furniture (such as a table, couch or another piece). Think about if you’ll use more than one photo or not, etc.
  • Type of photo: individual portrait or group picture? The number of subjects in a photo is another important detail that’ll help you create the perfect decor: an individual portrait will create a different ambiance than a group photo.
  • Dynamism in the photo: you also have to consider the movement in the photo. In the case of individual portraits, the focus rests on a face, creating an image that emotionally moves the onlooker. On the other hand, group photos might capture everyday life instead: dances, religious rituals, agricultural activities, raising livestock, hunting, and fishing, etc.
  • Places for your photo(s): home entrance, living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.
  • Other details: frames, what kind of support the photo is printed on, if the photo is a poster or picture, etc.
  • Is your photo in sepia, black and white or color? Remember that sepia creates a nostalgic atmosphere while black and white creates a dramatic effect. Meanwhile, color photos connect their subjects to the present and add dynamism to settings.

Something else to think about

tribal people important aspect

Artisan markets, cultural stores, and even home decor stores might offer photos of tribal people for sale. In some cases, your purchase might go towards a donation for a social cause or sending humanitarian aid to a certain community in need.

These artisan goods don’t always have a big price tag, but it’s always a good idea to do a little research about where the profits go. After making a good purchase, you can take joy in the fact that you’ve made a small contribution to a good cause in addition to decorating your home.

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