Restaurant Decor Tips

Do you have a restaurant? Check out our decor ideas and create a comfortable and beautiful space.
Restaurant Decor Tips

Last update: 27 October, 2019

Having the right setting is crucial for attracting customers to your business. Your first and foremost goal is to leave your customers satisfied not only by the food but by the setting as well. To help you win them over, we want to share some restaurant decor tips.

How many times have you gone out to eat and found yourself in an uncomfortable setting? Unsightly decor creates an atmosphere that leaves us uncomfortable, unsatisfied and wanting to get out right then and there.

Many restaurant owners think that serving quality menus is the only step to success. But what they don’t realize is that food goes hand in hand with its setting. With that in mind, you have to put some thought into your atmosphere. The right setting will lead you to success.

Tip #1: analyze your space thoroughly

restaurant decor space

Before setting up your furniture, make sure you know your space. First and foremost, know the dimensions, both width, and length. Once you know the size of your restaurant, you’ll have a better idea of the best furniture sizes for your space.

The more spacious your setting, the better. A spacious setting will help the customer feel at ease. On the contrary, small settings don’t make for comfortable dining settings.

The next step is to mentally visualize the layout of your tables and chairs, employee areas and kitchen in addition to deciding key furniture pieces and their placements, etc.

— Spacious settings help restaurant business grow into success stories. —

Tip #2: tables and chairs with matching styles

restaurant decor styles

Your furniture pieces need to flow together. Avoid creating visual tension between your elements. Instead, create a harmonious set.

  • You can opt for square or circular tables. If you have a more traditional restaurant, square tables will work better. On the other hand, if you’re planning on being a venue for weddings, baptisms or other big events, go with round tables.
  • If you have wooden tables, your chairs should be wooden too. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake that so many restaurants do by choosing mismatching materials; it only creates tension.
  • Look for a main decor style. Your furniture pieces should define your restaurant’s character and aesthetics, making it imperative that you have a main decor style.

Tip #3: wall color for restaurant decor

restaurant decor wall color

We want to highlight that with any setting, there are colors that won’t work. Colors that clash with furniture will create an uncomfortable atmosphere for customers.

  • Avoid intense or peculiar colors: gold, silver, neon colors, etc.
  • Soft colors are a great option as they don’t steal the limelight and instead, work with their surroundings.
  • Neutral tones can help in any kind of decor style. Gray is an excellent choice for creating a tranquil setting.
  • Make sure the colors meld well with the furnishing. There should be a fluid dialogue between them.
  • Though intimidating because of the seriousness that it transmits, black can be a solid option for alternative, elegant and contemporary restaurants.

Tip #4: tranquil lighting

restaurant decor lighting

Lighting is a component that generally plays a big role in the decor. Remember, good lighting can make people feel more comfortable, or not, in a certain setting.

  • Warm lights: warm light sources create a cozy, relaxed space. People like feeling relaxed as they dine. In addition, they appreciate a nice ambiance. Warm light creates comfort and tranquility.
  • Avoid white LED lights as they can create too much tension and too strong a light.

Tip #5: tablecloth and table setting

restaurant tablecloth

Last but not least, tablecloths and table settings are the face that you’re presenting to the public. The color of your tablecloths has to match with your chairs and walls.

You might not believe it at first, but tablecloths create a backdrop of color. So making sure they flow with your wall color is crucial.

Use quality pieces for your table setting. Eliminate any piece that’s broken or worn down and always have the appropriate pieces of silverware and glasses ready for use.