At-Home or Commercial Bar Decor

For bar decor, inspiration should go hand-in-hand with space and other aspects. Discover more in our post.
At-Home or Commercial Bar Decor

Last update: 09 February, 2019

Interesting decor makes rooms stand out, so it’s important to have a great design plan for your rooms. Bar decor is all about creating style and something unique.

Regardless of if you’re decorating an at-home or commercial bar, giving it a special theme can help create a unique, pleasant setting. To make that happen, you’ll need to turn to several elements: colors, shapes, objects, etc.

A theme won’t just make your bar stand out; it’ll also help set the stage for a certain crowd. Remember, decorating for a younger public isn’t the same as an older one.

Additionally, be very conscious of how much space you have. By designing accordingly, you can make good decisions on furniture and how to lay it out.

Don’t forget that separate decor accessories don’t work on their own. Choosing a theme and establishing visual continuity is a better way to go.

Advice on bar decor

While some themes are subtler than others, the importance lies in a good balance of accents and not overwhelming the room. You don’t have to turn to excess to make a room interesting.

bar 1

1. Theme

There’s an infinite list of themes and styles for bar decor. Sure, it’s important to think of current trends but don’t automatically discard timeless options.

If you have an at-home bar, make sure that your theme works well with the rest of your home to prevent any visual clashes. In other words, your theme should be flexible enough to blend in with your home.

Inspiration ideas for themes:

  • Pirate bar
  • Medieval tavern
  • Mexican folklore
  • Traditional Irish pub
  • Retro (the 50s)
  • You can also take inspiration from a work of art or even from an artist like the Giger Bar (Chur, Switzerland)
bar 2

Once you have a theme or style, you can start adding decorative elements that go with the style.

2. Being smart with space

Before adding in your decor pieces, remember to leave space for accessing or leaving the bar area. You’ll also have to consider your ceilings, how many floors you’re working with and the space itself.

bar 3

3. Furniture

Pick out your furniture adapting it to the area and not the other way around. On a further note, the floor should be attractive, comfortable and ergonomic.

4. Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in bar decor; both the lighting and light fixtures are key. Ideally, you’ll want a warm, dim light to create a cozy setting.

You can try hanging light fixtures throughout the room. For example, place them above the bar and tables.

Spotlights will also be essential for your bar decor. Spread them out in strategic points to create accents. For example, to highlight a painting or a certain corner.

bar 4

5. Decorative objects

Once you’ve covered the other areas, you can move on to our last piece of advice and add in your favorite decorative elements. As we mentioned before, they should follow your theme or style. You could use:

  • Barrels
  • Posters
  • Chalkboards
  • Demijohns
  • Vinyl records
  • Glass bottles
  • Old bikes
  • Etc.
bar 5

Bottle display

Don’t forget that your liquor shelf is another way to decorate your bar. Mix glass bottles together that have different sizes, shapes, and colors. Make your display turn heads!

By checking off all of our points for your bar decor, you can make the most of your space and enjoy great results. Now, you just need to find your decorative elements and create a great display for your bar. Time to get to work!

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