New Trends in Wedding Decor

Next season's wedding decorations are bursting with innovation. If you're preparing for a wedding, you'll want to know these trends.
New Trends in Wedding Decor

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Is there anything more exciting than planning your dream wedding? Making it come true, of course. And to do that, we need vision. Going beyond the romance, a wedding is an event and requires organization and a lot of  creativity.

Your close friends will have plenty of ideas. It doesn’t matter if you go with a classic or themed wedding. But wedding decor is fundamental because it’s the frame for the event and will be remembered for a long time to come.

Today, we’re going to give you some hints for next’s season’s trends. There are some big changes that are breaking through traditional ideas. The rustic trend, which reinvented itself to new extremes in recent years, has definitely ended as well. As have fixed menus and large dining tables.


The biggest point to touch upon is that rustic wedding style gives way to a very natural, but much more sophisticated style. This new style brings the garden to the wedding. The table centerpieces, decorative garlands, big jars, and even the bouquets fill this new season with green. Succulents, desert roses, elands, kalanchoes — any plant that works in the mix — and plenty of ivy.

The table centerpieces won’t appear on table centers anymore. This year, we’ll see hanging floral centerpieces. Everything will hang from ceilings, above the tables from the decorative garlands. We’ll also see hanging forests. There is no limit to the imagination.

And we’ll see chill-out corners, too. We started seeing these in 2018, but they’re still going strong. The idea is creating an area to relax and recuperate to keep going. They should be informal, yet fit in with the decor style. Think lots of cushions and light fixtures with candles.

Jardines colgantes.

The wedding details

Cue the balloons, in original shapes, for decor elements. We’re talking hanging transparent balloons alongside green plants or using confetti-filled ones. And the newest wedding decor items are balloon arches. They’re a perfect spot for the newlyweds or the guests to take a picture. There can be some balloons in other colors, but most are green. They’re all mixed together with flowers– fresh or artificial– ribbons, bows, trimmings, etc. Anything goes.

See-through material is also trending in wedding decor this season. Methacrylate chairs, large, long-stemmed glass jars and big hanging glass light fixtures with hanging green plants are great options. Everything is transparent.

Velvet is another material that’ll come back next year. It works for tablecloths, bows, bags for party favors and all sorts of details. There’s nothing like velvet to add a little class and style.

Food stations

This is the biggest novelty this season and it looks like it’s here to stay. The days of big dining tables, servers, and fixed menus are over. What’s trendier is setting up several centers or food stations with different gastronomic options for an all-you-can-eat self-service.

These stations work with small, unassigned tables that allow guests to sit wherever they please or to enjoy the meal wherever and however they please.


We’re also finding changes in the tableware. Big, classic dishes are disappearing and in their place, all sorts of uniquely individual pieces that are colorful and golden are appearing. The trend is also changing glassware as well. We’re seeing wine glasses with different styles and colors all used together to create a more Bohemian style as well.

Wedding 2

Colors and materials

We have some new stars for colors and materials. While recycled wood is still in style, marble in white or pinkish tones is popping up. It’s an element that adds class and elegance to tables or accessories.

We’re also going to see a lot of colors this wedding season, but the main star will be violet, which is a color that we can find in many decorative succulents. It doesn’t seem like an easy color to use until you try it. Violet actually works well with almost any other color and it’ll give you that trendy touch that your event needs.

New trends give us plenty to work with to pull off a memorable event that’s as important as a wedding. You just need to dream, use your imagination and sail off to a world that’s full of magic and color.