Carrefour Tableware: an Economical Choice

Carrefour tableware comes in many sizes, designs and colors. Get to know them and find the perfect ones for your home. You will love them!
Carrefour Tableware: an Economical Choice

Last update: 28 January, 2021

This article will focus on Carrefour tableware, paying attention to its colors, material, and sizes. Generally, these dishes are easy to find and very inexpensive so, you’ll have no problems getting exactly what you want.

Carrefour dishes


In addition to the plates, you can also find a wide variety of loose items and small sets that include the following:

  • Salad bowls, trays, and utensils
  • Bowls and mugs or cups
  • Table accessories like glasses, doilies, ice buckets, bread boxes …
  • Jars, bottles, and decanters
  • Coffee and tea sets

You can look for all of these things on the Carrefour website. You can buy them online to save time. Here are just a few of your options. We will list them according to their prices, from the least to the most expensive.

Lavender Porcelain

The first Carrefour tableware range that we’ll talk about comes with 18 circular pieces: 6 flat plates, 6 bowls, and 6 dessert plates. 

They are made of porcelain. Although porcelain is aesthetically beautiful it does break easily. You have to handle it with care to keep it intact.

The dishes are white and simply decorated with bouquets of lavender. The final result is beautiful and classic.

Lavender porcelain flatware

Here are the measurements of each dish. The flat dish is 24.3 cm in diameter. The bowl is 20.4 cm and the dessert plate is 19 cm.

This is one of the cheapest options costing just 12 euros. If you have a large family or entertain often, you can get two sets for just 24 euros.

This tableware is also dishwasher and microwave safe. If you like this natural motif, you might also like the PALM tableware range. Its price is 15 euros.


The Lucia set also comes with 18 round, porcelain pieces. This style is ideal if you have more of a natural decor in your home with floral motifs.

Although the background is white, blue and green flowers dominate the design. The result is dynamic and cheerful. They will add a nice pop of color to your kitchen or dining room.

The diameters of the plates are 24, 21 an 19.5 centimeters.

They are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, which means less work for you.  This is another very economical option at just 15 euros. Just like the previous one, if you have a lot of people to feed, you can buy two sets.

Lucia flatware

Luminarc Poinsettia

Instead of porcelain, Luminarc Poinsettia is made from colored glass. The dishes are very durable so, this is a very good choice. Also, colored glass is more scratch resistant.

The flat dish (26 cm) is red. The bowl (20 cm) is white with two red flowers and the dessert plate (20 cm) is also white but decorated with transparent flowers.

These dishes are also dishwasher and microwave safe. Being glass, the price is a bit higher at 32 euros. These dishes will add a very colorful touch to your home.

LUMINARC Poinsettia flatware.


This range stands out as it is completely white. It doesn’t have any type of decoration. But that doesn’t distract from its elegance. It looks good in any kitchen or dining room.

What makes it remarkable is that the plates (18) are completely square. This distinctive feature gives this set quite a modern touch.

The diameter of the different dishes are as follows: the flat plate measures 24 cm, while the bowl and the dessert plate both measure 18 cm.

Like the other Carrefour tableware, you can buy it online or at a retail store near you. The cost is 35 euros.

If you like the white plates but not the square shape, you might like the Onda flatware. This is also white but circular and it costs the same as the Quadro.

Quadro flatware.

For the little ones

Finally, in the last section of this post, we want to highlight the Carrefour tableware for children. There are two styles available:

  • The Paw Patrol
  • Frozen

They are made from reusable plastic and only come with three pieces. The set is for one person. They cost 7.99 euros. If there is more than one child in the home, you can buy multiple sets and still not spend a lot.

Frozen flatware


As you can see, there are many styles to choose from. You should have no problem finding the perfect set. But before you make a choice, think about the design of the rest of your home to make sure your new plates won’t clash with it.

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