Dinnerware: How to Choose the Right Set for your Home

Want to update your dinnerware, but don't know where to start? Don't panic, we've got some advice to help you choose.
Dinnerware: How to Choose the Right Set for your Home

Last update: 10 November, 2018

Thinking of replacing your dinnerware? If so, we’re sure you’ve noticed the huge variety of materials, designs and colors on the market. 

n this article, we’re going to give you some advice on how to choose your dinnerware. The set you choose will depend on what you’ll be using it for, your own personal tastes, and your family. Keep reading to find out which type is best for you!

Remember when everyone had those transparent Duralex plates made of tempered glass? Dinnerware has changed a lot since then. New materials, daring designs and bold colors have appeared in home decor stores everywhere. With so much variety, it can be difficult to make a decision. But don’t worry – we’ll help you to choose the perfect plates for your home.

Choose the right material for your dinnerware

The material you choose will depend on what you’ll be using them for.

We recommend that you always have two sets of plates. You should have one set for everyday use. This needs to be practical, hard-wearing and easy to clean.

You can keep the other for special occasions. This can be more delicate, elegant and made of a more fragile material. Next, we’ll show you some of the different materials available on the market, so that you can choose the right dinnerware for your family.

  • Porcelain: porcelain plates are some of the most popular, and are usually kept for special occasions. They have beautiful designs that will make your table look perfect for any event. Their main disadvantage is that they’re very fragile, and one small knock can smash them to pieces.
  • Glass: if you’re looking for hard-wearing plates that will last for years, glass is one of the best options for you. If you choose transparent plates, you should be aware that they will get scratched and damaged over time.
  • Clay: clay isn’t that popular these days, so it might seem like an old-fashioned material. However, it’s strong and hard-wearing and comes in lots of beautiful designs, so we’d definitely recommend that you keep it in mind.
  • Ceramic: this is a great material for everyday dinnerware. It’s hard-wearing and will tolerate regular, long-term use. Plus it comes in classic designs that never go out of style. However, you have to be aware that it can get scratched, which will make it look aged.
The material you choose will depend on what you'll be using your dinnerware for.

The perfect plates for children

If you have children, you should choose dinnerware that won’t break easily. We recommend that you keep your dinnerware somewhere safe and out of reach while your children are really young. Otherwise, it’s definitely going to end up getting broken. Plus, it would be a shame if one of the plates breaks because then your set will always be incomplete.

Choose dinnerware especially for children and you won’t need to worry about anything getting broken.

In recent years, it’s become common to buy plates specifically for children. Then the adults can keep using their usual plates, while the children use theirs.

This type of dinnerware is heat resistant, so you can use it to heat things up in the microwave.

As for the design, our favorites are the plates that are divided into different sections. This means that you can serve lots of different foods on the same plate, or serve the starter, main and dessert at the same time.

Your little ones will love them, and you can find them with lots of different patterns, and pictures of their favorite cartoon characters. You can also find sets that come with a tray, cup, and cutlery.

Plates that are divided into different sections are our favorite children's dinnerware.

The right color and design

Once you know what material you want for your new dinnerware, all you have to do now is choose the design and color.

Your decision will depend on your own personal taste. Next, we’ll give you some advice so that you won’t regret what you buy.

  1. If you only have one dinnerware set at home, we recommend that you choose one with a classic design. It also needs to be of a strong material that won’t get worn out by washing or regular use.
  2. Buy plates with modern designs and eye-catching colors if you won’t be using them very often. Otherwise, you’re sure to get bored pretty quickly.
  3. Be careful when it comes to choosing the design. Plates come in more and more shapes and sizes, from the most extravagant to the most unusual shapes. Unless you’re sure what you’ll be using them for and where you’re going to keep them, we recommend that you choose a design that isn’t too wild, and that you keep these for special occasions.
Dinnerware sets come in all different shapes and sizes.
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